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A Heavenly Sent Birth.

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A HEAVENLY SENT BIRTH Prologue- it's Just an intro Some times, God does work in mysterious ways. He can make certain incidents that seem so much insignificant, so important, that it is responsible in the shaping of your life. Just one such incident took place with me. Well not exactly an incident. The birth of a younger sister is not just an incident that has happened today, and is forgotten tomorrow. Instead it was an important episode in my life, which aided in changing and influencing me. Life can play such bad games with you, but in the end we see that it was God playing the game, and that it was for the better. Let me introduce myself, first. I am any normal eight year old kid, that you would find in a well brought up family, who being the only child has got most of the attention. I have never gone any where without my mum, and I can get quite stubborn at times. Chapter 1- From Where Did It Begin? It started with this one afternoon, where . . . . ...read more.


If it continued like this, then I would not mind having a sister, since it was fun to always have your own way. I continued to notice the change in my parents, and I began in a way to not like the new transformations in their attitudes. In some way I could sense that if this continued, it would not stay for long. They were just giving me my good share now, and later on, I would be bombarded with the later half. Often, I wondered, standing alone by the fridge, in a corner, where did my parents go to get their child and how would it come?? Was it through stork delivery, as said in books and fairy tales? Or, was it that God just made it appear suddenly out of nowhere? Well whatever it was, it sure kept me thinking. Somehow slowly, I began to get used to them talking about the baby. As far as I could see, there was no baby brought home, for the last one month. But this did not lower my guard, about keeping a look out for the baby. ...read more.


It was only when we reached near mum's ward room did I feel some ease. But the state, in which I saw mum that day, would never leave my memory. She was had all these many needled, connected to her, and they were connected to so many tubes. She also had this big mask like thing, covering her nose and mouth, that I thought she had had a bad, and I mean a really bad accident. I began to cry. This was more than I had thought of. I guess coming here, made me feel worse than I was at home, but something kept me comforted that my mum was still safe and alive. When I asked dad about why mum was here like this, he picked me up with a smile on her face, and said " son you are lucky today. Your sister was just born an hour ago." Whatever he just said, just did not strike me at that moment, but a few seconds later, all my worries about a sister, and the benefits of a boy came flooding back into my head. " Why does it have to be a sister dada?" I questioned my dad. "Are you sure it's a girl? Maybe there is a mistake. Maybe it is a boy." ...read more.

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