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Abortion Essay

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Charlotte Holland 10S Thursday 25th January 2002 Abortion Essay Abortion is when a baby or fetus is terminated inside the mother's womb under her permission or consent. The Abortion Act says that a woman can have an abortion if: two doctors agree that it's needed or necessary or if the baby is not capable of surviving. It will then be carried out in registered premises. Also the doctor must consider the life, health and mental health of the mother, whether an existing family would suffer if the pregnancy continues and if there's a reasonable chance that the child will be born handicapped or disabled. In 1965 the latest termination date was set at 28 weeks but then in 1990 the termination date was reduced to 24 weeks. ...read more.


Christians also believe that Jesus wanted us to live a full life and what kind of life awaits a severely brain-damaged fetus. There are different reasons why some Christians would allow an abortion. Two of these are that individuals are to decide whether abortion is right or not and individuals are best placed to make moral decisions. They would base their view on the principle in the Bible that, as mentioned before, everyone should live a full life and that God gives us free will to make our own decisions even if it's right or wrong. The Bible is not a textbook even though many Christians, such as Fundamentalists, abide by it because it doesn't tell us how to live our lives the right or wrong way. ...read more.


decision about abortion if there are medical problems during the pregnancy or after and finally the most common reason when making a decision about abortion is whether the mother wants the baby or not which also links to if they're ready for a life time commitment such as a baby. I disagree with abortion because I feel that it's murder and that it's wrong to kill a human being who doesn't have a say on what's going on and who hasn't done anything wrong. Also I think that the child didn't ask to come into this world and it also didn't ask to leave or to be killed neither. I believe that if a woman gets pregnant then she should continue her life along with the baby and not take the easy way out which is to have an abortion. ...read more.

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