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Abortion is murder.

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_R.e Coursework A03 I think abortion is totally wrong, to me it is murder. If a woman got pregnant she should have the child, that was the intention, wasn't it? I understand that women abort babies if they have been raped or will be really ill or die if they have the baby. If the mother has been raped it is still quite wrong to abort a baby, but the mother does not want a child with the rapist's genes in it and the mother will not want to be reminded of the rapist. If a mother does have the baby if she has been raped, this shows bravery and this puts her beliefs into action. A baby should not be aborted just for the sake of it, the baby is innocent and should definitely not be killed, killing is totally wrong. Why should the baby be killed just because the mother doesn't want it, if the mother doesn't want it the baby can be fostered or adopted to let it have a chance to a life. ...read more.


For a baby to be aborted because the mother has enough evidence that the baby will be deformed the child should be aborted because if the child is born, it will have to go through awful pain and suffering. There are certain theories that attempt to categorize when certain issues, including abortion are right or wrong. These theories are situation ethics, utilitarianism, rule utilitarianism and agape. Agape can stop women having abortions because Jesus taught that the love of God includes loving your neighbour as yourself, so if the woman puts the child before herself she will be more likely to keep the baby. Situation ethics is a theory created by Joseph Fletcher in the 1960's, it attempts a guide how to behave in the right way, which can be applied to each circumstance. This will help young mothers to keep a baby because this may make them think are they behaving in a good manner, if they are thinking of aborting the baby this may change their mind because this will make them realise they are behaving in a bad manner. ...read more.


The 10 commandments include a commandment, which tells us not to murder. Christians believe that abortion is morally wrong, they believe life starts when the sperm fertilizes the egg, therefore abortion is taking away a life, killing a baby, destroying a life God has created. On the other hand sometimes the mother of the baby will not be able to cope with a baby, and give the baby a good start in life especially if the mother is at a young age. But there is an option instead of killing the baby, the baby could be adopted or fostered, they may not get such a good life because their not with their real parents but its still better than not being alive at all. But they will be cared for because if somebody wants to adopt a child they will probably be caring because the woman might have had a natural abortion and may be desperate for a child. ...read more.

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