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Abortion R.E

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Abortion Coursework AO1 Catholics despise listening and using terms such as 'termination of pregnancy' because they feel this does not describe the reality of abortion. The phrase is also very clinical and scientific which is why they prefer to use the phrase 'killing of an unborn child.' Sanctity of life means that human life is sacred and Catholics believe that the life of a child begins at the moment of conception. Catholics enhance the thought that life is a gift from God and God is the only one to take life away. In Genesis, we learn that the creation of human life is the most important creation of Gods. We also see that the creation of a special relationship is created by God and human beings. Human beings shouldn't act like they have the power of God, deciding who should live and who should die. There are some key biblical references that strengthen the view that human life is special and needs to be preserved. One of which, comes from Psalm 139:15-15, where it explains the special relationship that God has with his people by saying, 'for it was you who formed my inward parts; you who knit me together in my mothers womb,' this implies that as we are created in Gods image and likeness, God has a special relationship with us. ...read more.


This is because the mother has already built relationships with others and that the suffering or death of the mother would be more hurtful than those of the suffering or death of the poetus. They also want the law to be changed about the age of an abortion lowered from 24 weeks. AO2 The affects that Catholic beliefs about abortion would have on the personal life of a Catholic are that there could be difficulties in relationships whereby a divorce could have happened or that they could join a pro-life organisation which would mean that there could be other means of going about abortion. The affects that the beliefs of a catholic may invoke on the organisations that they join are that if they joined SPUC (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child) is that they are non religious and Pro-life. This means that even though they aren't catholic; they still give all of the choices to the needing mother. The way that Catholics put their beliefs into practice in the work that they do for such an organisation is that they can tell others about the different options and encourage them to make the right decision. They can also give money because they know that the money they give will go towards all of the different types of choice that women have around abortion. ...read more.


Again, every child is loved and cherished no matter what they have been through, or haven't in some cases. There are always other options such as, fostering and adoption. I believe that the true Christian view that the Catholic Church should have is that abortion should not be allowed under any circumstances, even in the case of rape and serious handicap because all of the arguments that have been given over the years about the banning of abortion completely outweigh those of the arguments for abortion. The fact that every human life is sacred is the main one and if a catholic does not believe this then they are not a true catholic. As explained earlier, there are other options such as fostering and adoption. These could be the option that those wanting an abortion could choose. Because aborting a human life so early on is completely unacceptable! What has the child done wrong so far? If a child has a disability then they have a disability. To be honest, im sure we'd all love our parents the same (if not more) if they had a disability! Overall I believe abortion is wrong and cruel and should be banned completely unless in the case of the principle of the double effect. There are ways around the problem of not wanting to have a baby. Yes these sometimes can be hard but it is a lot better than killing an unborn child that has done nothing wrong. ...read more.

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