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Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme or concern to christians has been dealt with in a film or television drama

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Aiii) Analyse and Explain the way in which a religious theme or concern to Christians has been dealt with in a film or television drama. This essay will discuss the issue of Blasphemy and how it is dealt with in the film 'Bruce Almighty'. Blasphemy is defined as swearing in the name of God, or claiming that one has the attributes of God. Many may even say that an example of blasphemy is one religion's affirmation of their God being a blasphemous of another belief in their God. Christians denounce blasphemy, they follow the words of the Bible (the Christian holy book), which states in the Ten Commandments that 'Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain'. Christians are taught to base their life on the Ten Commandments. If a Christian was to break one of these Commandments, it is said to be an immense sin, and the doer would suffer severe consequences on the day when God will judge whether the person is to go to heaven or hell ('the day of judgment'). The film 'Bruce Almighty' was made in 2003, and was directed by a man called Tom Shadyac. Bruce Nolan, acted by Jim Carrey, is a television reporter in Buffalo, New York. He is discontented with almost everything in life despite the love of his girlfriend Grace, acted by Jennifer Aniston, and his popularity. ...read more.


Bruce takes God's name in vain, and in Luke 12:10 '... those who blaspheme against the Holy Sprit will not be forgiven'. From this biblical quote blasphemy is shown to be a sever sin, and is not forgiven by God. Bruce's statement could cause great dismay to many Christians, as this is a hasty blasphemous statement, and the Christian point of view is not being taken into consideration. However, on the other hand, Christians also believe that God is all loving as shown in Psalms 18:30 '... the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.' Therefore, as the film is seen to be a comedy, Bruce's statement on 'why does God hate me' can be taken as a humorous remark. This proves God's love and shows that he would be there for those who need him the most. It can also be perceived by viewers, as an expression of anger, and disappointment, not abhorrence towards God. This can lead to the idea of there not being any intention to insult the Christian belief, but of opening eyes, and rising awareness to viewers that remarks like this can cause dismay. Blasphemous remarks are continually being presented throughout the film, but are used in a humorous manor, like when Bruce says 'God is a mean kid with a magnifying glass'. Some Christians may think that this film is making a mockery of God and the Christian religion. ...read more.


This reveals to atheists and Christians that unanswered prayers and the suffering of people are thought that are in their own hands. This film teaches viewers a normal yet moral lesson. Even though blasphemy is portrayed throughout the film 'Bruce Almighty', it is shown in a humorous manner with no intention to abuse the Christian faith, although the film does not show Bruce once having seen punished for his abuse towards God. This shows the lack of concern on the producers' behalf in taking account the Christian point of view, as blasphemy is seen as a huge sin. So we are able to say that the film has not been dealt with in an appropriate manner, as the correct Christian belief on blasphemy has not been correctly dealt with. To conclude, I feel the religious issue on blasphemy has been dealt with well in the film 'Bruce Almighty', as they have portrayed God in a positive way. Even though there is a concern about blasphemy, it has been dealt with in an ordinary manner and has been shown in a humorous way, which is clearly noticed by the audience. The use of blasphemy in the film like 'oh my god' is used in daily life, and therefore allows atheists and agnostics, like Bruce, understand God and events that occur. I feel that this film justifies the use of blasphemy, as it brings out a moral issue, as shown above and brings out a positive outcome for the audience, making it useful for good and not evil. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anushi Patel 11E Religious Studies Coursework 20-02-08 11 ...read more.

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