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Arranged marriages

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Arranged marriages In Islam Muslims are all people are expected to marry even in modern society. In modern most men only have one wife due to the civil law of the country in which they are staying in even though in Islam they are allowed many wives. Often in modern society marriage is not as traditional as it used to be and now marriages are not as much arranged as it used to be. Now young Muslims tend to look for their soul mate or 'the one' to get married to. This may be due to the society in which they live in as they may be influenced by other races to feel different things or think in different ways. For example if they see their Christian friends doing things with people of the opposite sex they may want to do the same thing, but are not allowed due to their religion as they do not have the same freedom. ...read more.


'The prophet said "A woman should only be married to a person who is good enough for her or compatible to her"'. In Islam the only compatibility that really matters is faithfulness. The prophet permitted marriages between people of vastly different social status and financial backgrounds, knowing it was not these factors which made for compatibility, but what they were like in their hearts. The most important thing in Muslim marriages are shared values and beliefs, so even if couple come from different cultures and background, they possess the same basic world view, attitude and habits which will bind them together. 'Do not marry only for a person's looks; their beauty might become the cause of moral decline. Do not marry for wealth, since this may become the cause of disobedience. Marry rather on the grounds of religious devotion.' The aim in marriage is that the partner should also be one's 'best friend', the one who shares the concern and responsibilities of life. ...read more.


If however he has married several wives abroad and then comes to live in Britain there is nothing to stop him living in Britain with all of them. Marriages in Britain have to be performed in a registered building and by a registrar. So people not getting married in a church must have a legal ceremony at a resister office. Divorce is subject to British law, although Muslim immigrants could return home for a divorce, which would then be recognised in Britain. The lowest age for sex and marriage in Britain is 16, but is often lower in Muslim countries. Muslims are not allowed to live in Britain with younger brides whom they have married abroad. So Muslim life can be extremely affected by the law in Britain and Muslims have to follow these laws. Also due to the mixed culture and different opinions in Britain young Muslims attitudes and feelings can be affected by the people around them. Which is one of the reasons why Muslims in the west are not following the Muslim traditions as much. ...read more.

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