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Christian attitudes towards Abortion and Euthanasia.

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Christian attitudes towards Abortion and Euthanasia An Abortion is the termination (ending) of a pregnancy before birth, either by natural or artificial means. An abortion is the premature expulsion from the body of an embryo or foetus. Abortions became legal in 1967. Respect for life is deeply embedded in the mind and heart of the human race. Since the twentieth century, people have been especially aware of the right to life. As there is no direct reference to abortion in the Bible, we must rely on the churches teaching to know our Christian position. The church teaches that in all circumstances, abortion is wrong. The only situations were abortion is allowed by the church is when the intention is not to kill. These are situations when an operation to save a women's life from (e.g. ...read more.


Interpreted by Pope Paul VI, he said, "Human life is sacred-all men must recognise that fact." The church teaches this, that all human life is sacred and holy and God given, so only God has the right to take life away. The main argument against abortion and the reason given by Catholics to why it is wrong is that: Abortion is infanticide (child killing) as the child is alive from the moment of conception. Many Catholics will also argue that abortion maybe accepted in some circumstances. Some of these are the following reasons: (1) Danger to physical or mental health of the mother. (2) Pregnancy through rape and the baby will only be a constant reminder of the traumatic event. (3) A child that will be defective and it is the loving thing not to bring the child into the world. ...read more.


Christians follow the same beliefs about life as with abortion, which make euthanasia wrong and life and death are in Gods plan and so should not be ended before its time. The church also teaches that especially suffering during the last moments of life has a special place in God's saving plan. Everybody is called to "Love their neighbour" and in killing we do not fulfil this. We should make it our duty to love and care for the sick and act our lives in compassion. The parable of the sheep teaches how God will judge on how we have helped those in need. Life is a gift and death is unavoidable, therefore we should accept death with full responsibility and dignity and not hasten the hour that at which we die. "Every Human from Contraception has the right to life and no one has the right to take it away except God." A.M.D.G Aaron Mcloughlin 07/05/07 ...read more.

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