Christian views on abortion and euthanasia

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Christians are often faced with different issues of abortion and euthanasia and they respond in several different ways.  Sometimes it is difficult to decide for yourself what is right and wrong about each issue.  Christians may respond to the bible, and the way that they interpret quotes to say that abortion is wrong.  One such bible quote is “Thou shall not kill”.  Abortion goes against this as it is killing an unborn foetus.  “Your body is the temple of the holy spirit” is another quote from the bible.  Abortion goes against this as well because if you are killing what could be a life (a body) you are killing the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Further more to this, the Roman Catholic Church is completely against abortion and believes that there is no exception to having one and that it is totally unacceptable.  The Church of England believes that abortion is wrong however, there are a few exceptions such as; rape.  If the mother has been raped should she ha to bring up the baby and have to look after her rapists face on her baby all her life?  Another reason is if the mother is in danger of losing her life if she carries on with the pregnancy or finally if the baby will be born severely disabled and would not be able to live a normal happy life.

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The final way in which Christians respond is by their individual conscience.  For example some people see an abortion as being wrong because even if you don’t want to bring the baby up yourself there are thousands of couples out in the world who are desperate to start a family and have children but unfortunately cannot.  They can give the child a home and a family that loves them instead of being killed, is a chance of life.  Another reason is because of medical evidence that has been proven and shown.  Medical evidence shows that as the abortion takes place ...

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