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Christian Churches

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Christian Churches A01 St. Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham - Roman Catholic St Barnabas Cathedral is the cathedral of the diocese of Nottinghamshire. It was finished on the 27th August 1844 and was built by Pugin who equated the Gothic style of the building with Christianity. The building is in the shape of a cross and this was done to show the remembrance of Christ's suffering. Another main feature of the church is the spire in the centre of the church to draw attention to the heavens and to represent that in the cathedral we are close to God. The building is decorated with stain glass windows. These depict the saints or a part of Jesus' life, for example one of the Stations of the Cross. In the picture to the left you can see two saints looking at Jesus in the centre he is standing on a globe. This window can be known as a 'sacramental' - these are icons that are designed to help the relationship with God, they are not simply decoration. The Sanctuary is probably the most important area in the Cathedral, the sanctuary at St Barnabas is in the centre from where the spire is above. From here the priest celebrates the mass and leads services. It is slightly raised which separates it from the rest of the cathedral, but is clearly still at the heart of the church. The sanctuary at St. Barnabas contains the altar and the lectern and the bishop's chair. The tabernacle at St. Barnabas is kept in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. It is a very Gothic area of the building and is highly decorated. The tabernacle is the most important object in a catholic cathedral. The tabernacle is a shrine, which in this case is made of gold and precious stones and veiled with a coloured cloth. The chapel itself is set aside for private prayer and is a peaceful chapel. ...read more.


In Christianity it comes from the table in which Jesus broke the bread and blessed the wine. When he did this he was telling us the sacrifice he was about to make. In terms of sacrifice the altar had been used for thousands of years by the Jewish people. They would go to the temple to sacrifice an animal on the altar, but Jesus gave up his life for our sins and his once-for-all sacrifice means that animal sacrifice was no longer necessary. In this way the altar represents Christ and when the bread and wine are consecrated in a Catholic mass the priest and the lay people should remember the sacrifice Jesus made. Altars are often made of stone this is because Christ is the cornerstone of the Catholic Church and so the altar should be strong. The altar epitomises the sacrifice made by God through his son and is the symbol of our victory over sin. An altar can be used as physical representation of our bond with God. The altar is at the heart of the church and as St. John Chrysostom said "You can call happy those who saw Him. But, come to the altar and you will see Him, you will touch Him, you will give to Him holy kisses, you will wash Him with your tears, you will carry Him within you like Mary Most Holy." When at the altar you are with God. You are receiving the Eucharist and through this you are renewing the covenant with God, and expressing your faith, whether it is sacramental or not. Sanctuary The sanctuary is the most important place in the church as it where the altar is and where God resides in the church. When a Christians enters the sanctuary they should feel close to God and should be respectful. The sanctuary comes from the times of King Solomon's temple, which had a sanctuary all though it was called the Holy of Holies. ...read more.


But to be with God completely without being complete in discipleship and without the help of other Christians, the church provides the place to reaffirm belief and have guidance. Other people believe that you don't have to go to church to be a Christian, they think this because the Bible which is god word made written and is accessible to everyone. So anybody can read the bible and understand its message. At church the main thing you get is the message of God and you can read it at home. If you put the teaching provided in it and you still believe in God then in definition you are still a Christian. Jesus gives us two commandments "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself." If you obey these commandments then are you not also a Christian. To follow the basic commandments laid down by Christ himself is to follow the Lord and a follower of the Lord is a Christian. Paul said that to follow Christ is to follow the example Christ made, to lead the life Christ led. "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." (1 Corinthians 11:1) To lead your life as a Christian you must live your life like Christ, this means helping the poor and doing good services or giving money to charity; basically selflessly. I think to be a true Christian in the purest sense of the word you must first believe in God wholly and undoubtedly. You must live your life through Christ teachings of love God and your neighbour and finally to go to church whenever you can as church is the place you are truly connected with God, for it is here that you can receive God and understand him and be continually spiritually renewed. ...read more.

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