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Christian Festivals - Christmas

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R.E COURSEWORK/ FESTIVALS/CHRISTMAS The festival of Christmas is seen as one of the most important of the Christian calendar year. On this day, the 25th of December, they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The festival of Christmas celebrates the birth of the saviour who 'opened the gates to heaven' and made eternal life a reality. The festival celebrates something very significant. This is that if Jesus Christ were never born then he wouldn't be able to rise from the dead; there would be no Christianity at all! The initial Christian belief is that Jesus is the Son of God and Mary, our lady. The word that means God taking Human form is Incarnation. The word literally means 'In flesh', God becomes a man. The Virgin birth of Jesus is seen as a miracle. This is linked to Jesus performing his own miracle, when he rises from the dead. This was redemption. To redeem all mankind from darkness and evil. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December because at this time of year it is so dark and this is the time when it starts to get light again. Symbolic of Jesus, the light of the world, Christians chose the 25th of December from a Pagan festival of the Sun. Also December the 25th was the date of a Roman festival called Saturnalia, which celebrated the Sun god's victory over winter. ...read more.


The Lord is with you... You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus" '. Luke has born Jesus in poverty because he wants us to ask ourselves, is there room for Jesus in our inns, in our lives. Looking at these two stories of Christmas, Matthew and Luke's versions are very different. The things included in their versions shows what the birth of Jesus meant to them. All the symbolic pieces of text show that Matthew and Luke are indicating why Jesus was born. The meaning of Christmas is that Christians believe God came to people in a special way for a reason God wanted to show that Good is always stronger than evil. He wanted to show that he loved and cared for people. He did this through his son, Jesus. Christians believe Jesus' birth was a turning point and would and can bring peace to the world. This is a goal for every Christian. Roman Catholics, in a number of ways, celebrate Christmas. The season of Advent, which is a time of preparation, is kept for 24 days before Christmas and is a Roman Catholic tradition. One tradition performed during this time is in most churches a candle is lit on every Sunday. The wreath includes 3 purple candles, 1 pink and one white (for Christmas Day). ...read more.


This represents Jesus in eternal life and how he came to let us in as well. The red ribbon around the orange represents the blood that he shed for us on the cross. The candle on the top represents Jesus being the light of the world. The cloves inside represent the herbs used on Jesus' body after he was crucified. Roman Catholics, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will go to their Parish church and celebrate Christmas together as a Parish. At this service they will light the last and the centre candle on the Advent wreath. The baby Jesus would also be revealed in the crib. The mass would take its normal structure however carols would be sung instead of hymns. Candles may be held by the congregation to represent Jesus, the light of the world. At Midnight mass these readings are read: Old Testament - Isaiah, ch9, v2-7. Responsorial Psalm 95 - Today a Saviour has been born to us, he is Christ the lord. Second reading - New Testament, Titus, ch2, v11-14. Gospel - Luke, ch2, v1-4. In the house on Christmas day, the majority of Christian families will exchange presents and would usually share a family meal. This is all represents religious doing. The presents that are exchange represent the gifts that were offered by the wise men to the newborn King. The meal signifies what Jesus wants us to do, to enjoy life with each other and to share everything we have. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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