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Christian marriage ceremonies

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Jaiman Parekh Marriage Introduction In Christian marriage ceremonies the rituals and vows connected might influence the differing ways that couples approach to marriage and marital breakdown. I am not a Christian but I will try to refer to the thinking and writing of Christians and Roman Catholic tradition to illustrate and support of what I have to say. People decide to get married for many reasons. Some of those reasons might be love, affection towards your partner, fear of dying alone, spending their whole life with their partner, wanting a higher status and also to get noticed etc. Some of these reasons are the most important to get married and some of them are not so important. You would want good qualities in your partner like love, trust, and respect and your partner would want these same qualities in you. All of this is the ideal of marriage. What the ideal of marriage is that it includes three sections, those three sections are permanence, exclusivity and life giving. Permanence is when both partners have to get on with each other to make the marriage work. You need to know everything about your partners because if you don't they will go behind your back and betray you. You will also need to know how a marriage works and how it breaks down. Exclusivity is a point in the marriage where you have to find out if the person that you are with is right for you otherwise the marriage isn't going to work and it will break down. ...read more.


The priest may be an authorised registrar, if not, then the registrar must be present. The importance of a catholic marriage is that God has joined the couple together and they have become one with God. This ritual can be compared with the Religious Society of Friends ceremony (Quakers). There are some similarities and there are some differences. The similarities of each rituals of the marriage are they both taken place in the presence of God. The vows that are taken are similar but there are some variations in the wordings. The couple signing the marriage certificate which records their promises, which is the legal aspect of the ceremony. The differences in the rituals are the wedding is informal while the Catholic wedding is formal. The bride and groom will be already at the meetinghouse to greet the guests while in a Catholic wedding the bride and groom are the last people to come in. Traditionally, in the Quakers wedding the couple did not wear rings when in a Catholic marriage you do. When signing the Certificate not only does the couple married have to sign but also everyone else that attended the marriage. The reception would be held at the meeting house so there would be no alcohol at all when at a Catholic marriage you can drink anything you want. So these are the similarities between the both rituals. The main difference is that a Catholic marriage is sacramental. ...read more.


It is special as you have true commitment towards that one person. It creates stability, which is part of exclusivity. I would also have to disagree with this statement because you can have sex outside marriage only if you intend to marry the person later on. You have to be faithful to each other on a loving non-exploitative relationship outside the marriage. It is possible to have an intimate relationship outside the marriage with one person as you are mirroring God's love, which is the church's teaching. You would gain experience by doing that you would find out about sexual needs. Sex is human nature and we humans are biologically programmed for it. Why are we not allowed sex for pleasure without any ties? In Quakers sex outside marriage takes place, as they are not isolated from changes in social liabilities. It is widely considered that a couple can have a loving relationship outside of the marriage. The Quakers have not decided to change the marriage regulations, which still see marriage as something different- as Gods work. To evaluate this topic on sex is right only with the marriage I would say at the end of the day it is up to the couple for what they want to do. They can have sex within the marriage as to not go against the church or they can have sex outside the marriage just for pleasure and enjoyment, as that's what we humans are here for. So the decision is up to the couple and that's what my opinion is because it is their life and they can do anything they want with it. ...read more.

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