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Christian views and teachings as well as the bible teachings on issues to do with hunger and disease.

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Alex Berry World Hunger and Disease In this coursework, I shall be explaining Christian views and teachings as well as the bible teachings on issues to do with hunger and disease. The Christians teach facts about hunger and disease using topics such as Poverty. The main cause of poverty is that people are in a state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions. Many people in poor countries are paid low wages, which are not enough for them to survive healthily. If people are hungry they will be weak, which makes them more vulnerable to a disease and because they are unable to afford healthcare they get more and more ill. They may also infect others if their disease is contagious. Nearly 50% of the population of poor countries is uneducated. Many people don't realise education is still lacking in some areas where poverty level is great. Many families cannot afford to send their children to schools, so instead they send them to work for money, which helps clear their debt. Children of the poor should not have to go to work. ...read more.


Jesus told the people to sit down and he took five small loaves and two small fishes. He blessed them, broke them in pieces and gave them to the disciples to distribute to the crowd. The disciples expected all the food to have gone before finishing giving it to even a few people! However, the more they gave away, the more there seemed to be in their hands. Everyone was satisfied and when the meal was over, the scraps left filled twelve large baskets! The moral of this story is that you should care for your neighbour no matter who they may be. Rather than send these people away, he fed them so they wouldn't go hungry. This was very generous of him. Many Christians are concerned and worried about the injustice and inequality in the world today. There is a Christian organisation that works for the world's poor. It's called The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD). Christians should not only want to help the poor, but actually get out and do it! Christians cannot travel abroad and help the less fortunate in person very often though. ...read more.


There are poor people all over the world in all countries. I think a lot of people would prefer to have their money spent on hungry and diseased people living in the area which they live in. If all Christians thought like this, a lot of people living in, for example Africa would get completely neglected. Looking at the two different points of view, I have decided I agree with my first point. I think Christians are responsible for each other, no matter who they are or where they live. I think it is unfair that there is so much suffering in the world and if people are true Christians they should not sit by and do nothing. People from economically developed countries have a majority of people who can easily afford to buy expensive clothing, decent food, a comfortable place to live and have jobs which pay a good wage. Farming tends to be important and heavily subsidised by governments. However, in poorer countries the reverse is true, making it hard for small-scale farmers to compete on the world market. There is no genuine reason why people from rich parts of the world cannot contribute some money to help poorer people, even if it is just a small amount. ...read more.

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