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Christianity - Part A - Death and what happens afterwards

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Part A - Describe the teachings and the beliefs of the religion which you are studying about death and what may happen afterwards. When a Christian dies, they have many different views on what will happen to them afterwards. Generally, Christians believe they will go to heaven after their life on Earth, so long as they live according to the bible and do not sin. If a friend or family member dies, a funeral service is usually held for the relatives to say goodbye and pray for the persons soul to be delivered to God in heaven. In 'Christianity' by Gordon Geddes and Jane Griffiths, it tells us that Jesus died on the cross for the worlds sin, and "through his death his followers can hope their sins will be forgiven and that they may be with God in Heaven." ...read more.


Because of this, some Christians believe cremation is wrong, as it destroys the body and therefore cannot be resurrected and reunited with their souls. These types of Christian believe this because in the creed it says "I believe the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting." Scientists would be cynical of this view on death and what comes next. A scientist would argue there is no evidence or proof of any of the above happening and that it is impossible for a human to come back to life after it has died, especially due to wasting and decomposing of the body. Yet these scientists would probably agree with other Christians, such as Roman Catholics. They believe that the body is unimportant and is merely a vessel for our life on Earth. ...read more.


Roman Catholics also have another view on what will happen. They believe that before going to heaven, a majority of peoples souls on Earth are not yet holy enough to be with God, and that these souls will go to place called Purgatory. Purgatory is a place in between Heaven and Earth, where souls can be purified until the person is sinless enough to go to heaven. Based on our actions on Earth and the sins we have committed, Christians believe that when they die they will be judged. They have faith that as long as you believe in Christ, the lord, and live life according to the bible, you soul will be saved. 'Life Issues - A Christian Perspective' by Chris Wight claims "suffering, injustice and sin are against God's promise and therefore God will bring them to an end." This is why Christians believe in life after death. ...read more.

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