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Death Penalty - Should it be abolished?

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Death Penalty- Should it be abolished? In this essay, I will try to answer the above question. I am going to express my view on why I think the death penalty shouldn't be abolished. I will also express my views on why capital punishment should be re-introduced in the United Kingdom. Capital punishment is the execution of convicted criminals committing offences regarded so heinous. There are five different ways of execution; lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, hanging and firing squad. The most commonly used methods today are lethal injection and the electric chair. If a person is lethally injected, he is first out to sleep with thiopental sodium and then he is administered with potassium chloride, which will stop his heart. The criminal dies from respiratory and cardiac arrest while he/she is unconscious. As for the electric chair, there is an initial jolt of 2,300 volts, which lasts for 8 seconds, followed b a low-voltage jolt of 1,000 volts, which lasts for 22 seconds and finally a jolt of 2,300 volts for 8 seconds. ...read more.


If we compare the crime rate of any one of these countries to a western country, there is a mass difference. It proves the effect of the death penalty on the how it deters crime. Criminals in these countries are afraid of committing petty crimes. It is because the death penalty has induced the fear of death into the 'would be' killers. Therefore, I strongly feel that the death penalty truly deters crime. We all know that it is better to kill a murderer to save innocent lives than to allow the deaths of innocent people to save the life of a murderer. It is a fair trade to execute murderers to save innocent lives. If we save the innocent from the criminals, hen capital punishment is justified. Many people will attack the concept of the death penalty. They will give emotional speeches about the convicted man/woman who might be executed. But they are forgetting one crucial element while doing so. ...read more.


Robert Matthews, a journalist once wrote, " Some people argue that the absence of the death penalty in England is the mark of a civilized society". I disagree with this statement. Some of the things that happen on our streets and in people's homes certainly do not constitute civilized behaviour. These criminals do not care about the lives of those they have destroyed. They commit offences even on Christmas Eve. Surely that is uncivilized behaviour. Why would anyone destroy Christmas for another person, even when he himself celebrates it? The answer simply is that his behaviour is uncivilized. People like him are the ones that make this country uncivilized. I believe that the re-introduction of the death penalty would be the only possible solution to bring these uncivilized people to justice. It can never bring back the loved ones to the families that have lost them. It can never bring the innocent lives that have been taken in cold blood. But yes the death penalty can bring the uncivilized to justice. The death penalty will eventually bring peace and safety to our society. Jameel Qureshi 10 R - 1 - 01/05/2007 ...read more.

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