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"Describe a serious crime. Explain the different responses Christians would have to this crime."

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"Describe a serious crime. Explain the different responses Christians would have to this crime." Murder is a serious crime because it involves taking of the life of a human, Christians believe this is wrong because they believe that humans were made in the image of God so by killing a human you are killing God. In this question, I will explore different Christian responses to murder. Some Christians believe that retribution is the answer to murder; retribution is seeking revenge on the murderer to cause them the same pain they caused the victim of the murder. The aim of retribution is so the criminal suffers like the victim and to deterrence others from committing the same crime. ...read more.


Another example is the Lutheran church of Austria states that because of the lack of clear biblical evidence. Christians can only contrary to the will of God, "The church should not cease its witness to the sanctity of human life and demand punishment for those who commit murder." And lastly, Bob Enyart also supports retribution; he argues that "God has the right to forgive murderers but we don't because we are not God. God has the authority to forgive some people. He has told us not to forgive a murderer, but to put him to death." However some Christians propose that reformation is the appropriate response to people who commit murder. Reformation is to teach the criminal a lesson to never do the crime again. ...read more.


He does not want McVeigh executed because he says god did not create human beings to get a 'feel good' from the death of another human being. Another example is Rev Bernice the king is the daughter of the murdered civil rights leader Martin Luther King. She states that "I well understand the deep hurt and angel felt by the loved ones of those who have been murdered, yet I cannot accept the judgement that their killers need to be executed." And lastly, Roger dale was conflicted of nine murders and was executed. He said "you don't forgive because someone deserves it; you forgive because it's commanded by God." Murder is a very emotional crime it is hard to predict how I would respond. Sandra Yalda RE Coursework - Part 2 Ms Harris ...read more.

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