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Describe Jewish Teachings About The Right Use Of Money.

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Money and Work in Religion Describe Jewish Teachings About The Right Use Of Money: The major religions of the world all teach that God is good and he therefore wants every human being to lead a good, happy life. They also teach that their followers should try and make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Despite this, however, there still exists a major difference in the quality of lives throughout the world. There are poor, very underprivileged people in the world, while there are very wealthy people, living comfortable and extravagant lives. In Judaism, it is taught that humans do not own wealth; they are just purely minders of wealth. They believe that wealth is a blessing from God, and striving after in and believing that it is yours alone is wrong. This is why in Judaism, it is obligatory by their religion to use money to help those who are poorer and less privileged than them. This is irrespective of how much or how little they own or earn. There is no choice about whether or not to give money. In Hebrew, this is called Tzedakah. Translated to English, this more or less means 'doing righteous acts'. ...read more.


The sale is viewed as invalid, and the maximum amount which a seller can charge a customer is estimated as 1/6 over the estimated market value of any goods. A sale is also viewed as invalid if a salesperson measures something wrongly, of if a sale occurs where inferior products have been mixed with or have replaced better ones. The buyer in an invalid sale is entitled to a refund. Judaism basically teaches that wealth does not belong to any individual, and people who are custodians of money should use it to help others who are less wealthy than them. It teaches that having an occupation is vital, but everything must be carried out honestly and genuinely, without any exploitation occurring. Explain How Jews Might Try To Help Those Who Are Poor & Suffering: In Judaism, it is important how you give to charity. Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, more commonly known as Maimonides, was a philosopher, Talmud-scholar and physician who lived in the 12th century. He wrote the Mishneh Torah, a code of Jewish law that to this day remains influential in Jewish thinking. He described eight levels of Tzedakah (giving to charity): 1. Gives to help a person become self sufficient 2. ...read more.


For example, you could consider being a burglar as a job, if you are earning money from it and you have no other occupation, but is this acceptable? Jobs such as drug dealing can cause serious harm to others, which is viewed by most as sinful. However, there are people in the world who are in completely different situations to most. They are desperate, and unable to get a job, and may have a family to support and feed. In these kinds of cases, they may be forced into going into something like prostitution or drug selling. It is very hard for people who have not been in such a position to understand the pressure on some people, but I still believe it is wrong. I definitely disagree with this statement. I believe that money should be earned fairly and honestly, and without causing harm in any way to any other people around us. There are many sinful and morally wrong jobs in the world, but there are also more than enough honest and clean jobs where people can earn their money. In very extreme cases of pressure and the need to earn money, there are many charities which are there to help people in these kinds of situations. Nobody should be exploited, cheated, morally or physically harmed by anybody else's job. ...read more.

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