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Discipleship Coursework

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a "Disciple" is one who takes another as his teacher and model. Christian Disciples have faith and commitment to God, they use their own time to give service others, they sacrifice their home-life possessions and money. Christian Disciples preach to others about the Good Doings of Jesus and the excellence of God. Christian Disciples resist other temptations. They produce self-control, orderliness, obedience and a capacity for co-operation with others. Anybody can be a disciple; for example an Ursuline student is a disciple of the school. To be a Christian disciple however, takes a different kind of self-discipline. ...read more.


The calling of the first five disciple is shown most clearly in the Gospel of Mark, it is the most descriptive and it must have been written about 30 years after Jesus' death. Mark was known as someone who wrote synoptic gospels along with Luke. Synoptic means 'looking together'. In Mark 1:16-20 Jesus was walking along the shore of Lake Galilee where he saw two fishermen. They were Simon and Simon's brother Andrew. Jesus told them to leave their nets and come with him to catch men and spread the word of God. Straight away they left their nets and came to follow Jesus. ...read more.


Jesus tells Levi to follow him and immediately Levi drops his things and goes to follow Jesus as he was told. So therefore Levi was the next disciple. When Jesus had his twelve apostles, according to Mark's Gospel 3:13-19, Jesus takes the twelve disciples he wanted up a hill where they were told that Jesus would send them out to preach and Jesus gave them the authority to drive out demons. His twelve apostles were Simon, who he gave the name Peter, There were the two fishermen who were the sons of Zebedee, James and John who he also gave a different name to, Boanerges, which means men of Thunder. Also James the son of Alphaeus, Simon the patriot, Judas Iscariot who later betrays him, Thuaddaes, Thomas, Phillip, Andrew, Mathew and Bartholomew. ...read more.

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