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Discipleship Coursework A disciple is someone who spreads and teaches the word of God. You would do it for the love of God and

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Discipleship Coursework A disciple is someone who spreads and teaches the word of God. You would do it for the love of God and for Jesus and because you follow the faith. Companionship is something a disciple should do in many situations. For example a disciple should be able to look after someone and care for them in times of trouble, this should be to strangers as well as friends and family. An example of this is in the Bible is 'The Good Samaritan'. A disciple should be able to learn from and through Jesus and be able to preach his word after his death and makes sure the faith, Jesus, God and the spirit do not die throughout the ages. An example of this is when Jesus explains the parable to the disciples and they understand the importance of 'The Parable of the Sewer' and help understand what everything is represented by They should be able to set an example to the followers of the faith and also learn from mistakes such as Peter did after he denied the Lord, Jesus after he had been crucified. ...read more.


Rewards of discipleship include eternal life in the Kingdom of God which would be the ultimate reward for following the Lord our God, his son Jesus Christ, the Christian faith itself and the Holy Spirit. Following Jesus applies to Christians today because even 2000 years on his teachings and how he acted shows how good of a role model he is and that we should strive to act like him because of his unselfishness, his insightfulness and his commitment to God. Setting an example and learning from mistakes applies to Christians today because even though we should for the examples of Jesus and prophets such as Moses and Abraham we are human and we all make mistakes, but we should always learn from the bad things we do to improve our judgement. We should set examples like Jesus did to make the world a better place. Sharing in his (Jesus) preaching and healing ministry applies to Christians today because even if we know God's/Jesus' word we should still share in his ministry along with other Christians and get hands-on learning experience from a church atmosphere. ...read more.


Some would say that a child can be a disciple today as a child can spread the world of God as easy as any adult. A child could also be considered more pure and in could be considered a better vessel for the word of God to be told. However you could argue the fact that a child might not be able to sacrifice all they have such as parents, home, food/water etc. as they are younger and more vulnerable and might not be able to survive without the help of an adult. However self sacrifice is a very extreme case of a disciple and it would be easy for a child to preach the word of God within the community. In my opinion I believe that yes, children can become disciples, Jesus taught us in the in Chapter 10 verse 13-37 (Jesus blesses little children) that children are the future of the world and goes on to imply that children indeed could become disciples. By Dan Egarr 11D1 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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