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Discipleship in the New Testament is used to describe the followers of Jesus especially the twelve. Discipleship revolves around following Jesus both physically and spiritually. Both the first disciples and Christians today

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DISCIPLESHIP. Discipleship in the New Testament is used to describe the followers of Jesus especially the twelve. Discipleship revolves around following Jesus both physically and spiritually. Both the first disciples and Christians today are followers of Jesus. A disciple of Jesus would be expected to respond immediately to Jesus, love his neighbour, be willing to forgive sins, show generosity, give their life up to God for their faith and live their lives using gospel values in everything they do and say. The first disciples of Jesus were expected to give up everything to be real followers of Jesus as this was shown clearly in Mark's Gospel when Jesus called his first 4 disciples. Jesus called the first four disciples and they followed him immediately, this is how the gospel writers think that people should respond to Jesus' calling. This highlights Jesus' authority over his followers and his charisma. This I'm showing here is part of the story: As Jesus walked along the shore of Lake Galilee he saw two fishermen, Simon and his brother Andrew, catching fish with a net. Jesus said to them "Come with me, and I will teach you to be fishers of men." At once they left their nets and went with him. He went a little farther on and saw two other brothers James and John, the sons of Zebedee. ...read more.


In the text Jesus sends the disciples off to heal the sick, they drove out many demons and preached that people should turn away from their sins. On this occasion Jesus' trust in his disciples had been well placed. Jesus' choice of disciples must of surprised the people of that time as he did not chose the rich or the pure of heart in stead he choice the poor and the social outcasts e.g. he chose Simon who was a zealot this was group known to use violence to try and overthrow the Romans and another example is that the disciples James and John sons of Zebedee were very bad tempered and hot headed and were known as the "sons of thunder" this shows us in Jesus' eyes that it doesn't matter who you are we are all the same in God's eyes an that will never change. Jesus had taught the disciples of God's power and to share what they have. One of the main aspects of Jesus' life was prayer and the disciples had to learn how to pray like Jesus. Jesus went to a place called Gethsemane, and Jesus said to his disciples "Sit here while I pray" He took Peter, James and John with him and said, "The sorrow in my heart is so great that it almost crushes me. ...read more.


Christians who take part in the Eucharist are sent to serve others at the end of mass. The priest says, "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord". We can serve others by donating our money to charity so that others will benefit. We can visit the lonely, pray, provide love and comfort, in doing these things we are serving the Lord. The greatest commandment in my opinion is: "Love your neighbour as yourself". When Jesus was talking of this great commandment he wanted us to realise that life does not revolve around ourselves it is about what we can do for others. In conclusion the study of the synoptic gospels has made it clear to me that how to be a true disciple involves much faith in god and in others it is to treat your neighbours as yourself and to see everyone as equals, it has made me open my eyes to the troubles that are happening out there at the minute and Jesus gave us the mission to help put and end to it so as true disciples that is what we must do and do it with total faith and never give up. It shows me that I will have to give up most of my possessions in order to follow Jesus and it will help me in my life of Christianity, I must learn not to judge others but to treat everyone as equals. Thank you. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ciaran Broadley 11IC ...read more.

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