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Do you agree that there is more diversity in types of family in Britain today than in the past

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Do you agree that there is more diversity in types of family in Britain today than in the past? Britain has changed in many ways in recent years, not just by advancing in technology but in social ways too. One of these ways is the diversity in types of families. Fifty years ago, in would be extremely unusual to have a divorced family, a un cohabiting couple with children or lone parent families. Nowadays, Britain has the highest divorce rate in Europe and 40 percent of marriages end in divorce. There are a few reasons for this and here are a few of them. Firstly, these days divorces are a lot cheaper and accessible to the regular unhappy marriage. Secondly, they are now socially acceptable and divorced couples are no longer looked down on because of their failed marriage. I think that the final reason and probably one of the most important is that women no longer need to rely on the their husbands financially. ...read more.


Before there was really, only one type of family and this was a married co habiting couple with children. Preferably two, one girl one boy. Now there are all sorts of families, of course there is still the happily married two children family. However, there is also, un cohabiting couples with children, lone parent families, childless couples. Before these families would have been social outcasts but now no one is looked down on because of their marital status or living arrangements. I think that the reason that the divorce rate is declining is primary socialization. By this, I mean that, children learn from their parents. Right? In addition, if their parents are not cohabiting or even speaking to each other then they may learn from that and never settle down themselves. If a young girl is in an abusive relationship where she sees a man maybe her father continually hurt her mother it is very likely that she will continue to mistrust ...read more.


The one family that has never changed is the cereal packet family. It had remained the typical nuclear family ever since it came about. It consists of four beautiful people, a beautiful mother, a beautiful father, a beautiful son and a beautiful daughter, all of course blonde and the picture of perfect health. They are used in advertisements to how people that they are the perfect happy family and everyone should be like them in order to be truly content. The one thing that confuses me is that this cereal packet family remains this way even though the majority of the population are nowhere near alike to them. Overall, I think that there is defiantly a lot more diversity in families these days than there was in the past and I think that this is a good thing. I am glad that couples now have the right to make their own decisions about their relationship with feeling as if they are being frowned upon by society. ...read more.

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