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Eternal Darkness.

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All welcomed the long dark of the night. It was greatly preferred to the sickening brown smog of the day. The sad fact was that none of them had seen real daylight for too long. Far too long. The hard silhouetted shadow of Death Mountain looked more imposing than before. They could see shadows of orcs parading around their watchtowers, and had been doing so for some time now. It was hard to believe that once, the proud flag of Hyrule flew against a clear blue sky. Now, a horned skull mocked the residents from a deathly black background. There had been a great war. ...read more.


It was the only thing he was able to grab hold of as he ran. He had to abandon his home and take up with a group of rangers. With them he wandered around, generally avoiding orcs. He had been with the rangers for 2 years now, and had become quite good friends with Saria. She was one of the few females. Saria touched him on the shoulder. "Hey, you were only 15. You would have been killed too." "They were actors. Good ones too. They didn't deserve to die." "I finally got a sword for you." Saria said, changing the subject, "Killed an orc to get it." ...read more.


It was better than hiding for the rest of their lives. The orcs had stopped guarding since they thought they were now the only relatively intelligent beings left. That would work to the human's advantage. "I used to be a guard for Hyrule, so I know that there is a crack in one of the walls." Said Ganon, the self-proclaimed leader of the rangers, "We can enter through there, and take the main tower." Link stared thoughtfully at his newly acquired sword. It was sharp, and well made. He shuddered. The thought of facing thousands of orcs, all armed as well as this didn't bear thinking about. He just couldn't shake the feeling he was heading into eternal darkness. LUKE O'HAGAN 3H ...read more.

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