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Explain how believing that Vedas and Upanishads are holy books might affect the lives of Hindus

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Explain how a Christian might respond to someone who was thinking of committing suicide. Many things have changed over the years, as well as the way Christian's think of people who commit or try to commit suicide. In the past, churches taught people that suicide was a serious sin and so suicides were not allowed to have a funeral or be buried in holy ground. This was because people who committed suicide were seen to be rejecting God's gift, especially because life is sacred and should not be taken advantage off. However, nowadays churches think differently of this matter, and instead of punishing suicides, they try to understand and support them. ...read more.


Christians may support a group called the Samaritans because it is all about supporting and preventing suicides. The group also try to make the public aware of suicide and depression so that people will be more understanding. To Christians, joining the group is a good way of putting their beliefs of the sanctity of life into practise and it is a god way of showing agape love. Christians believe that instead of committing suicide they could go and live in a hospice. The hospice movement is all about caring and supporting patients. It is a place where patients can feel loved and cared for, instead of them thinking that there is no-one to look after them and so are willing to put themselves in danger and in some cases committing suicide. ...read more.


She went back to study in 1944 and qualified as a medical social worker and in 1947 became lady almoner at St. Thomas's hospital. Her whole life's story is amazing and she is now remembered and called a 'legend'. As well as Hospices, there are Macmillan nurses who are special nurses who visit patients and their family and friends at home. They are trained to care for terminally ill people, and instead of different nurses going to the homes each day, a specific nurses goes to a home and therefore makes it easier for the patients as they know the who it is. This is why Christians believe that suicide is wrong because there are many groups of people which support and understand suicides, and because of the most important reason, all life is sacred and a gift from God. Bhavni Shah ...read more.

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