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Explain how Christians might put their beleifs about abortion into action

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Explain how Christians might put their beleifs about abortion into action. Many Christians beleive that it is their duty to be a stweard of the Earth and all its inhabitants as taught by the Bible. They also beleive that an unborn child falls into this catagory, because of this many Christians turn their faith into action by joining a pro-life organisation. However, there are also Christians who are pro-choice, meaning they beleive that the pregnant women should have the right to decide whether she wants a child or not. To take action for their beleifs a pro-life Christians could do many things or join many different organisations, or they could just be open about their view in disscussions. The main organisations against abortion are Life and SPUC (the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children), these organisations are both very openly against abortion and beleive they are life saving organisations. SPUC feels that 'Abortion denies the most basic of human rights--the right to life--which is justly due to each member of the human family' This shows how they feel ...read more.


They could also provide counselling or support for te women who have had an abortion. Despite beleiving that avortion can be the right choice, pro-choice supporters also beleive that if the unwanted pregancy can be avoided, then it should be. They do this by giving sex-education to young people as a pro-lifer would. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is the main organsiation against abortion, it was founded in 1967 when several peopel who were against abortion formed the organisation. Although SPUC is not a Christian organisation, many christians support it because it is based on Bible teachings, such as 'do not murder' and because it campaigns for other ethical issues such as euthanasia and genetic engineering. It points out that since abortion was made legal, 4.5 million babies have been aborted and denied the basic human right, the right to life. They also say that if a foetus is aborted due to physical or mental disabilities, then it is discrimination against disabled people, and that aborting a disabled child is no worse that saying that the world would be better without it. ...read more.


Christians who support the PCA may base their beleifs on the Bible passages which teach that women and men are allowed equal rights and those on forgivness and love. They would rather allow the women to have an early abortion that cause her suffering by giving birth to an unwanted child. Most Popes are extremely pro-life as is most of the Roman Catholic faith. Pope John Paul II said 'that the killing of an unborn child is always intrinsically evil and can never be justified' he also beleives that 'the conceptus is human; it is human from the very instant of fertilization; this means the conceptus has exactly the same rights as any other human being; to kill the conceptus directly is always murder.' Mother Teresa was also against abortion and she too beleived it was murder and a violation of human rights. In conclusion there are many ways that a Christian can put their different beleifs into action, there are many organisations with different views and there are lots of different methods of helping towards their cause. ...read more.

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