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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.

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Lindsay Venables Part B Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action. Abortion is a very complicated debate. Many Christians believe that abortion is wrong and they might put these beliefs into action by doing the following; Protesting- Many Christians organise protests, with masses of people, to get their views across. Most protests are successful. But some can turn violent, and protestors are sometimes arrested. Counselling- Many women choose to have counselling to help them to make a final decision, which is then supported. The mother can't be forced to have the baby. Pray- Some Christians choose to pray about the problem of abortion. ...read more.


Educating- Many Christians support the idea of educating children about sex and contraception. This will then teach them to become responsible and realise what damage an abortion can do. Write to an MP- Many Christians write letters to MP's, explaining the issue of lowering the 24 week abortion, as they believe that the baby is alive at 24 weeks and it is murder to have it killed. Supporting character- It is the women's choose, in which charity she wishes to support. A Christian based, pro-life charity such as SPUC is against abortion. They believe that sanctity of life is more important and that a child deserves a chance. ...read more.


The most loving option- Many Christians support the fact that they feel it is the women's most loving choice that counts. They also discourage others from harshly criticising her choice. When Christians look to the Bible for guidance it tells them to 'Love your neighbour as yourself'. This tells Christians that the baby is the mother's neighbour and by killing her neighbour, it's like she wants to be killed herself. This must mean that abortion is her only option, because she wouldn't want to kill herself. Overall, some Christians choose to put their views across vocally, such as protests and educating children. Some choose not to, such as supporting charities. Many Christians don't do anything about abortion as their views keep changing, and some Christians don't even have their own view on the issue. ...read more.

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