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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.

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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action Christians sometimes take teachings from their Church and from the Bible and put them into action. This can be done in a number of ways such as supporting public campaigns, joining public groups or making sure that their private life reflects their beliefs. Although there are literally thousands of organisations worldwide putting their beliefs about abortion into action, I have studied three groups that a Christian might join. One of these groups is called 'Pro-Life'. Pro-Life is an organisation that believes life begins at birth and so therefore abortion is murder. Pro-Life supporters protest that abortion is helping to destroy families. They also say that women should not have the right to an abortion if it is at the expense of her baby. The Pro-Life organisation emphasises adoption as an alternative for women who don't want to keep their children. Pro-Life's main aims are to provide more counselling, financial and emotional support and practical help (such as free pregnancy tests) ...read more.


Pro-Choice campaign within the law, provide counselling and information and put women in contact with appropriate clinics, when they feel that abortion is the only solution. The main reason that a Christian may decide to join Pro-Choice is because they follow the teachings of Jesus and support and show compassion for the mother and her choice. Although Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are the two most widely known groups that campaign for and against abortion, there are also Christian based groups. One of these is called 'Christians for Free Choice'. Christians for Free Choice is a Protestant group that aims to reduce the trauma and distress associated with unwanted pregnancy and to provide support for women. Christians for Free Choice do not actively promote abortion but believe that people will only be able to make informed choices through accurate medical information. Christians may join these types of groups if they wish to prevent people making the same mistakes as them, or if they want to live according to their beliefs or biblical teachings, or prevent people from what they see as sinning. They may also believe that they are fulfilling God's will. ...read more.


They are giving credence to a proposal that suggests that early abortion can be discounted." Many Christians make sure that their private life reflects their beliefs. Christians who don't agree with abortion may not have sex before marriage or may use contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy, if they are not Catholic. If they did become pregnant unexpectedly, they might see the pregnancy through, keep the child or consider adoption or fostering as an alternative. If the Christian was not wholly against abortion, they may well show compassion for a mother, whatever her choice. They may also have an abortion if they thought it was for the benefit of the child. Many Christians would refer to the Bible and Church teachings when considering abortion and may seek advice from vicars or priests, whatever their views on abortion. Christians can respond to abortion in a variety of ways. Some see abortion as the murder of a completely innocent and defenceless life, a gift from God and will devote their lives to preventing abortions from taking place. On the other hand, there are Christians who feel that showing compassion and forgiveness for mothers is more important than the rights of the foetus that is entirely dependent on her. Jennie Cade ...read more.

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