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Explain how Jesus' teachings on the Sabbath would affect the life's of Christians today.

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Nicholas Carvalho GCSE Coursework Tuesday, October 28, 2003 Explain how Jesus' teachings on the Sabbath would affect the life's of Christians today. If it wasn't for Jesus' teachings, Christians wouldn't be here today. Christians came about because we believe Jesus is the son of God. Christianity came from the Jewish religion. The main difference is Jews believe the Messiah has not come yet. Jesus taught us to pray by going to worship in the temple on the day of the Jewish Sabbath. In our case a Sunday is our day of worship, which we do because of Jesus' example. He taught us the importance of worship. ...read more.


Jesus implied by his actions we should not work on the Sabbath, but he still healed, and did good things on the Sabbath. This means it is alright for Christian doctors and nurses to work on a Sunday, because they are working to help the sick. Jesus and his disciples were caught by the Pharisees picking ears of corn on the Sabbath. This tells many Christians that the Sabbath is a day which should be spent with family and friends where you should share a meal. Jesus implied that work should be avoided on the Sabbath, and it should be a day of rest. Nowadays most shops remain open on a Sunday, and ignore this completely. ...read more.


Singles mothers should be allowed to work on a Sunday because they are trying on there own to support a child. This falls under the category of helping people. If you are a husband with two children, a decent job with decent pay, you shouldn't work Sundays. If you can get bye, and you don't need the money to live, you shouldn't work Sundays. Jesus did many things on the Sabbath which affect our beliefs today and make us realize the meaning of some things. He healed, but he also preached, and the people listened to the Word of God. If it wasn't for the people who listened, we wouldn't be hear today. We are here because some people realized he was the Son of God, and we share that belief. 597 Words ...read more.

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