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Explain how obeying the Sabbath every week might affect the life of a Jew.

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Explain how obeying the Sabbath every week might affect the life of a Jew. When Jews go to the synagogue there is always the knowledge of learning. The process is always on going and every Jew accepts that they themselves cannot be the perfect Jew. They can never know everything to do with the Jewish religion. So when Jews go to the synagogue they don't just worship G-d, but also to learn more about him, to learn their faith and giving themselves a new dimension to their lifestyle. During the morning service there are lots of prayers that will teach a Jew something new every time, something to build their faith on. To find out exactly what is involved in this, I will split up every segment and go through what differences these parts will make to a Jew's lifestyle. At the beginning of the service there are the morning blessings. This is the "social" section to the service. People will stand around talking and chatting as they are greeted to the service. This is because Jews are part of a bigger group and therefore are there to talk about their lives and problems. ...read more.


many many Jews feel that this is the last thing that they wish to say before they die, and many Jews do this. A Jews lifestyle is almost based around the Shema and they are under obligation to learn and teach for all eternity so all this telling Jews how to live their life or at least helping them in the right direction. The eighteen benedictions, or should I say nineteen, is the next on the list. This is also called the Amidah but on the Sabbath only six of these are said because these are the ones that praise and thank G-d. The Jews use this to strengthen their faith, as you would not thank something that is in your mind but to proclaim thanks to something obviously shows belief in it. Using this, a Jews confidence will grow with every service. Once these have been said, then the most important part of the service will commence. This is the reading of the Torah. Now as the Torah is G-d's law it is rather obvious that every person in the synagogue will be paying attention to absolutely nothing else and they will be learning about G-d more and more. ...read more.


It goes over how God chose the Jews as his people because of their responsibility and loyalty. This helps the Jews to feel like a special race that has earned God's respect. This is something that will affect their lifestyle, to know how God is pleased with their race and therefore its individuals. The Aleyna goes on to say that God is for everyone and that the Jews should look forward to the time referred to as the time of 'God's kingdom on earth'. This will promote feelings that Jews have been taught about the Messianic age and when God will rule all of the earth. When God comes he will cure all ailments and problems we suffer from. He will show us how to share our belongings and our lives. Once the Aleyna has been said the Kiddish is completed. The Kiddish, which is the drinking of the wine and the eating of the bread, is a part of most festivals and rituals in the Jewish religion. Once the service is finished a Jew will have to remember everything they have learnt about their religion, people and themselves. Even though they will never be the perfect Jew they can aim to be by learning about and remembering God. ...read more.

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