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Explain how the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus might inspire Christians today to live out their faith

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GCSE Religious Studies Coursework: Explain how the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus might inspire Christians today to live out their faith Jesus, throughout Mark teaches people, using parables, experiences and miracles but are Christians inspired in any way by Jesus' suffering, death and resurrection? In Mark chapter 14:17-26 Jesus implies to his disciples that his life is nearing it end, Jesus know that one of his friends will betray him and he tells them this "it is one of the twelve,' he replied 'one who dips bread into the bowl with me.'" Jesus indicates that the Son of Man must suffer much and be rejected. ...read more.


Jesus is scared and sorrowful yet even though he know what will happen he does not run or try to hide. He merely carries on with his quiet grief. Christians today should see this as a sing of strength, Jesus is low as can be yet he doesn't give up his task. This should inspire Christians today to be strong and full of courage even in the face of adversity or when we think things are hopeless. Rosa Parks is a less extreme example of a courageous person, she refuses to give up her seat on a bus to a white person and in doing so she risks going into prison yet she remains proud and still refuses her seat. ...read more.


Most find the strength to tell the truth about their religion. Just before Jesus crucifixion a man in the crowd it forced to carry Jesus cross (Mark15:21-22) Simon of Cyrene. The man doesn't object to this he simply carries the cross, this show compassion for Jesus, the man is showing an act of kindness in Jesus final hours by easing the pain he has to suffer. This should inspire Christians to be compassionate to others anywhere and everywhere, we should not avoid helping others when they most need it. A good example of this could be when Princess Diana shook hands and kisses HIV and AIDS patients, she was normal and friendly towards them, she treated them as humans at a time when the disease was not well know and people feared AIDS patients. ...read more.

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