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Explain what Christians believe about conflict and war. Use Bible passages and Christian church teaching to support your answer. A conflict is an opposition between characters or forces in

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Explain what Christians believe about conflict and war. Use Bible passages and Christian church teaching to support your answer. A conflict is an opposition between characters or forces in a work of drama or fiction, especially opposition that motivates or shapes the action of the plot. A war is a violent disagreement mainly against countries. All Christians are asked to be pacifists. Christians are pacifists because they believe everything can be resolved by talking through it rather than having a war."..... They believe war and violence are always wrong." Pacifism is an ideal world where everyone would live together in peace. Christians believe there should be no conflicts or wars and everyone should work together for the good of the human race. Mathew 26:47-53.when soldiers came to take Jesus by force, he did not resist arrest. ...read more.


Luke 4:16-21.jesus said he was filled with the spirit of the lord-the spirit of freedom from fear and oppression. Secondly, Quakers believe more can be gained by appealing to the love and goodness in ourselves and in others, then by threats. Thirdly they believe 'weapons of spirits', love, non-violence, kindness and goodness, are weapons that heal and do not destroy. These are the weapons which will defeat evil. So in their view violence and war are not permitted under any circumstances. This is quite different to those Christians who believe in a 'just war'. The theory of 'just war' was brought about so that a war could be justified. There are five main points to a just war theory which should be taken into consideration when declaring war. ...read more.


For one, decisions to carry out terrorists attacks are not declared by the head of the state. However, having referred to the five points of the just war theory, George Bush could declare war on Afghanistan. Romans 13:1-7.paul writes about the authority of the state. All authorities come from god. Christians have an obligation to obey authority, including the authority of their government. Does this mean that is a government orders Christians to fight in a war they should do so? This parable explains that is told by the government the Christians will not fight in a war. They will only do so if it is just. Looking at the acts which are taken place in the Middle East from America at the moment, it is clear to see that George Bush is not a pacifist Christian, but perhaps one that believes in the theory of a just war. ...read more.

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