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Explain what Christians believe about justice, forgiveness and reconciliation

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A.Q.A G.C.S.E. religious studies AO1 Explain what Christians believe about justice, forgiveness and reconciliation Justice is one of the four cardinal virtues. It is fair and reasonable. A virtue is a firm attitude that guides Christians how to live a good life, and to achieve good. A virtue forms the life style that we choose to live by. In the Oxford dictionary it defines justice as 'just behaviour or treatment'. You can find what Christians believe about justice in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC). A shortened version of this is that justice is the virtue that consists in the constant and firm will to give whatever is due to God and ones neighbour. Christians beliefs can also be seen within the Ten Commandments are split into two different parts. ...read more.


5. You shall not kill. 6. You shall not commit adultery. 7. You shall not steal. 8. You shall bear false witness against your neighbour. 9. You shall not covet your neighbour's wife. 10. You shall not covet your neighbour's goods. The Ten Commandments can be summarised in one great commandments, 'Love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Love your neighbour as you love yourself'. The Christian belief is that people who sin need to be forgiven. God forgives major sins, and we should also forgive. When justice is not met, forgiveness is necessary. Jesus died for our sins. As the penitent thief shows, it is never to late to be forgiven, as he asks Jesus on the cross, just before his and Jesus' death, and he is forgiven. ...read more.


So he went back to his country, willing to work as a slave for his father (making amends). When he got their, his father welcomed him, laid on a feast, forgave him (absolution), allowed him back into the family, and would not hear as him working as a slave (Reconciliation). Reconciliation is important after forgiveness, as it brings you back to God and frees you from sin. You can be reconciled be going to confession this is otherwise known as the sacrament of reconciliation, and one that the Roman Catholic Church practices. You tell the priest your wrong doing, what you want to be forgiven for, and the priest forgives you by saying the words of absolution, then to sinner is brought back into the church and also forgiven by God. Christianity believes that you shouldn't be punished for a sin, you should be forgiven. ?? ?? ?? ?? Toni Holding, Barnabas ...read more.

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