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Explain why the bible is important to Christians

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Explain why the bible is important to Christians The bible is a life guide - it gives advice and sets an example. It contains the actions and words of Jesus. It is the history of Christianity and is a record of the prophets. It contains the stories of God and his will. It contains different types of writing e.g. religious songs - psalms and prayers, also the four gospels. The bible talks about disciples and shows how Christianity developed. The bible allows Christians to access the foundations of their faith - the bible is essential to Christians. The bible itself is not the revelation. It bears witness to the revelation, the revelation being Jesus. Christians refer to the bible as 'the word of God'. The bible is interpreted by Christians in different ways. To a Christian the bible is no ordinary book - it is sacred, holy and inspired. ...read more.


They believe the bible is free from error, because it contains not the words from human beings but the word from God. They basically think everything in the bible is true and the bible is the actual word of God, literally word for word. There is also a conservative view on the bible; some Christians think that the word of God came to the writers directly from God, but that the writers' own personalities and writing styles were included. They basically think the bible is therefore the word of God interpreted by the human mind. The liberal view is where some Christians think that the bible writes were inspired to write. However, they writers being human can make mistakes. Also, they were influenced by the ideas and world views of their own time. They believe the bible contains within it the word of God, but it is not directly the word itself. ...read more.


where the bible text is the basis of the preaching. The sermon is an address to the congregation bases on a text scripture where a vicar or minister explains the meaning to the congregation. Liturgy means public worship and this type of worship is common in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches. In these churches beliefs are expressed through the use of many symbolic objects and actions. They also use icons - religious pictures of Jesus. The purpose of these icons is to remind worshippers that in worshipping God, they are with the saints in heaven. Non-liturgical worship is set rituals and symbolic actions are avoided. The worship is common among the protestant churches and the Quakers. The Quakers wait in silence to become aware of gods presence. The stillness deepens and it can feel very powerful, but peaceful at the same time. This is very personal worship to strengthen the relationship between them and God. The bible is used for personal study. Some Christians may set aside a few minutes everyday for prayer and study. They may open the bible at random, or study a particular section. ...read more.

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