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Explain why the suffering, death and resurection of Jesus are important for Christians.

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EXPLAIN WHY THE SUFFERING, DEATH AND RESURECTION OF JESUS ARE IMPORTANT FOR CHRISTIANS C.s Lewis wrote these words as he watched his wife die of cancer. '' Pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world. We can/are like blocks of stone out of which sculptors carve the forms of men. The blows of his chisel, which hurt us so much, are what makes us perfect. We think that our childish toys bring us all the happiness that there is and our nursery is the whole wide world. But something must drive us out of the nursery to the world of others. And that something is suffering.'' Some people believe that suffering is just meaning less and there is no purpose to it. However some Christians believe that God can use our suffering to nurture us into better people. This does not mean that they think that suffering is good, but that it does not have the ultimate power to destroy. To get them through the difficult times. They use the example of Jesus' suffering, death and resurrection to gain strength. ...read more.


Jill Saward is a Christian gained strength from this act of love (agape) and forgiveness when she was attacked and raped in her own home. During the Lords prayer, she realised that if she wanted forgiveness for the wrongs that she had done, then she to would have to find it in her heart to forgive her attackers. Christianity teaches that all wrongdoers can be forgiven for what they have done, whether are leaders of war, murderers or rapists. Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on 15 January 1929. From an early age he realised that black people were not treated as equals in America. Even though Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery in 1869, most blacks still lives in poverty in the richest nation on earth. They earned half the wages of white people; many could not vote; they lived in ghettos and they were separated (segregated) in public. Some whites wanted slavery reintroduced and caused violence against black people (Klu Klux Klan). Martin Luther King fought against this. In 1960 Martin became the leader of the civil right movement. ...read more.


He was silenced by an assassin's bullet as he celebrated mass in March 1980. Like Saint Francis, mother Teresa cane to her way of life gradually. She was born in Yugoslavia and spent a long time as a nun and schoolteacher in India. In 1946, however, she felt that God was asking more of her. She devoted her life to help children and adults in the slums of Calcutta. In 1976 she won the Nobel Peace Prize 'our love of the poor' she says 'comes from our love of Jesus. We try to serve him in the poorest of the poor'. These are all examples of people following Jesus' example of suffering and death for other people. In conclusion, it is time to say that the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus is important for Christians. It encourages them to remember that there is a purpose to suffering and God is with them on their journey. The death and resurrection of Jesus encourages Christians to see an example of vagarious love and come to the realisation that death is not the end, merely the beginning of an eternal relationship with god. WORDS = 1,143 Sam wood Question 2 30065/8160 ...read more.

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