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For Roman Catholics sex is only right within marriage - Do you agree/disagree?

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For Roman Catholics sex is only right within marriage Do you agree/disagree? The Roman Catholic Church considers sex to be sacred and should only be committed in a marital relationship between a husband and wife. Sexual intercourse is when a man and a woman become specially united and convey their love for each other in a sexual way. However, it can be argued that the bond that is gained from this is the same within a marital relationship as outside. Sexual relations outside marriage, which includes sex before marriage and adultery, are forbidden by the Catholic Church, as the church feels that the special bond should only occur in a marital relationship. ...read more.


God has decreed that sexual intercourse should be confined to marriage because only then will its true meaning be reached. In marriage two people become one flesh; they are united by marriage and complete the uniting ceremony by sexual intercourse. The Church argues that this unity cannot exist outside of marriage, "From a valid marriage arises a 'bond' between the spouses which by its very nature is perfected and exclusive" Catechism of the catholic church. However I disagree, I believe that couples should have the right to be allowed to choose to have sex before they are in a marital relationship if they wish, even though the Catholic Church does not approve of this view. ...read more.


If people had sex before marriage it may help to stop them being unfaithful and committing adultery when in a marriage as they will be sure that they are happy with their partner before getting married. Committing adultery is one of God's ten commandments "Do not commit adultery" and also "What God has joined together let no man put a sunder" Mk 10:9 In addition to the other reasons I believe that sex before marriage should be allowed because if the couple find they are incompatible they will be able to break off the relationship before they enter into the sacred bond of marriage. This would also save them having to go through the legal process of divorce later on, which the Roman Catholic Church condemns. ...read more.

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