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"Forever" by M6 Theatre Company.

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"Forever" by M6 Theatre Company To gain experience and ideas about theatre productions we must watch several genres and styles of productions. A theatre in Education Company gave a performance of a play called "Forever". Their aim is to provide an experience for children that will be intensely absorbing, challenging, even provocative, and an unrivalled stimulus for further work on the chosen subject in and out of school. The staging used was kept as a few simple boards to create the rooms within the play. The play didn't require more detailed staging as the production was their to raise awareness in a specific area. ...read more.


A clever technique was used to make the character changes more obvious. The sound of a bell was heard when the character change happened. The bell could represent a baby's rattle bell. This was significant as the character was changing into a baby. The character change was established by body language and facial expressions, as there was no time for actual costume changes with the amount of time the character changed. The first change was the position that the character was in, whenever he turned into the baby he would be sat on the floor, legs loosely in front t of him and playing childlike with his arms, raising them and thumping himself with them. ...read more.


The movement of the baby was limited and only the occasional crawl, the crawl like the babies other actions where roughly done to emphasise how young the baby was. The stage was a small area and despite this several props where used in the production. They where used effectively and became part of the production. The play began with the stage covered with toys, this immediately indicated the audience that a child was featured in the production and the cot gave away the age. The mother character easily cleared the mess away during her everyday chores. Also the cot became a way to show the couple-moving house. Instead of changing all the staging, which would have, taken time then simply carried the cot around the stage and placed it in a different position, to show a new house. ...read more.

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