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Holy Communion

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Re A02- Holy Communion By Mary-Louise Duffy 10R In the Roman Catholic religion, we believe that the Eucharist is the most important of worship and during the Eucharist in a mass, the Jesus' sacrifice is made present, but this does not mean that he is being sacrificed again, as there is only one sacrifice. After all, it was Jesus who said for us to do it again at mass. ('Do It In Memory Of Me.') Catholics also believe that during communion, the bread and wine is transformed into the body and blood of Christ. This is known as transubstantiation. So when we take the body and blood into ourselves, we have God inside us. ...read more.


we are doing what Jesus asks of us. Catholics also believe that by going to mass we will be unites as one community, and mass is a weekly renewal of faith. Consequently, in our parish we are given strength to face difficulties in a Christian way, and act like Jesus, who is our role model. If we are closer to God, we could find our vocations easier, and could help other by becoming closer to the church, for example being a lay person. To help others, we could also help outcasts, help the less fortunate and show others the way to heaven. Methodists believe the bread and wine don't change in the body and blood of Christ, they only believe that it is a reminder of his suffering for us. ...read more.


Therefore, this helps them, gives them strength and be good Christians. Methodists believe that the service is a time to repent and for sorry for all the things they have done wrong. This way, they will always remain faithful to God, follow Him and His commandments. The Methodist service affects their community life and their relationships with others in a positive way. The services shows them to help each other more, and to love their neighbours. For that reason, they live the way that god wants them to. In a way, all Christian churches have many similarities, but there wouldn't be so many sects if there wasn't any differences. But as one huge Christian family, we all believe that Jesus died for us, was resurrected for us and that He and God always loves us. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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