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How do Christians put their beliefs About abortion into action

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How do Christians put their beliefs About abortion into action Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb or an operation to cause it. In Britain abortion is currently a legal procedure which is undertaken by thousands of women each year. The churches have very different views on abortion. The Roman Catholic Church is against abortion no matter what the circumstances are. The Quakers and the Anglican Church are more open to abortion. Though they are against abortion they believe that it is up to the person and the situation which they are in to decide whether abortion is the right step to take. Christians have different views on abortion as well. Some Christians have clear and defined ideas on whether abortion is right or wrong, others believe that the circumstances of the women is important and do not think that a clear yes or no answer can be given. How Christians act with regard to abortion will depend on what they believe. Christians who are against abortion and are pro-life may show their views in conversations about abortion, encouraging others to be pro-life and trying to impose their views on people who are pro-choice. ...read more.


They may even stand outside abortion clinics and try to persuade people visiting the clinic to think again before having an abortion. They could write letters to the Prime Minister, MP's or to local newspapers and magazines in order to get their view over to more people. Christians not only show their views by doing protests but decide to take part by passive ways such as praying to God. They ask him to help the foetuses and the pregnant women who are considering abortion to give them strength to go through with the pregnancy. There are also those who organise talks for the young people in their church, or work as volunteers in a counselling centre which offers help and contraceptive advice to young people, this way fewer unwanted pregnancies happen in the first place. Some Christians believe that it is not right to tell people not to have an abortion then leave them alone to cope with having and raising a child on their own. Abortions are sometimes considered because having a child will be too difficult or they believe they will not be able to manage financially, mentally or physically. ...read more.


Even if a Christian believes that abortion can sometimes be the most sensible choice, they are still likely to believe that it is important to give people a proper sex education to avoid unwanted pregnancies happening in the first place. So they may also encourage children to be educated about pregnancy and contraception early on so that there are less unwanted pregnancies in the future. Christians may also put forward their views in conversations about abortion, explaining why they believe that abortion is sometimes the most loving choice and the lesser of two evils. They may also discourage other people from harshly criticizing women who have had abortions. As a Christian they are likely to pray about the problem of abortion asking God to help those women who have chosen to abort to be given the strength to get through the procedure and the worries and stress which follow. There are many views on abortion; these views lead people to act either pro-choice or pro-life. Most people however do not have a strong or certain view points about abortion so do not feel the need to show their beliefs in public. Because there are so many people with different views there will always be people who fight for what they believe to be right. ...read more.

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