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How effectively did the Liberals help children, the old and the unemployed?

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How effectively did the Liberals help children, the old and the unemployed? Poverty was a big in problem in England around 1906, many politicians had stereotypical views and though the poor caused their own poverty/. They believed that if the poor wanted to climb out of poverty they could easily by themselves, the government thought it was the job of the individuals and charities to help this. Jobs were scare though and paid little, children were not fed properly and people were at risk in their own homes to dreadful diseases, the elderly had to rely on family to survive. All of these people were living in appalling conditions of poverty and this wasn't fair. A man names Seebohm Rowntree recognised this and he was one of the first to raise the awareness of poverty to the politicians. Seebohm Rowntree investigated the causes of poverty and his findings showed that poverty was not always the fault of those it struck. He uncovered statistics that 52% of poverty cases were due to large families; other problems were things like death of wage earner, illness, unemployment and low wages. ...read more.


By providing a decent meal, and medical check ups and treatments the children were on the way to becoming strong and healthy, this reform helped in an enormous way to the well-being of the children along with the children and young persons act set up in 1908. This act was to crack down on social evil, children were now to be given a special status, and protection - parents could be prosecuted if they were accused of neglect. These three things, took time and money to set up but the Liberals were trying hard to help the poor, the next group of people they tackled were the old. The old were unfortunate; once they couldn't work anymore they had no source of income and had to rely on family. The Liberals recognised this factor and introduced a pension scheme, if a person had worked hard all there life, then they should be able to gain something out of it at the end, which is exactly what happened. ...read more.


Although all three of these groups of people were helped in a way to improve upon the poverty I think that the unemployed persons act worked the best, as it wasn't just handing out money, the labour exchange helped people to help themselves, they also saved money at times of employment ready for the times when there wasn't any work available. I tend to think though that children weren't given enough attention as they should have been, their help had so many limitations and it had to be reviewed several times medical help and a meal did help to their well being but didn't cut down on the poverty in their family - having children cost the families a lot and I think that families should have been given a small amount each week if the income of the family was quite low just to help feed and cloth the children properly but these measures may have been brought in later. Overall the Liberal reforms started well and in the long run I think they would have cut down on many poverty cases people were now starting to be able to live better lives, which would help England as a country. ...read more.

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