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Is Christianity sexist?

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Is Christianity sexist? There is a lot of discussion about whether Christianity is sexist. People who agree with this idea, such as feminists, claim that women should not be priests. They believe it is against the churches tradition to allow women to preach. If a woman was to become a priest, they claim they would feel hurt and betrayed. These people have got together in an organisation called ' Women against the ordination of women.' They go to meetings, discuss how they feel about the matter and think of ways to stop women priests. It isn't just women who are against it, some male priests actually don't think it is a good idea. They don't believe in change and don't want to move with the times. ...read more.


As it happens she stayed, and the whole village liked her and she became a great success. That is what happens in real life, women get turned down before they are given a chance. This is what these people believe and they try almost anything to stop women in the church. However there are strong arguments against this point of view. Many Christians believe that Christianity is not sexist because there are now female priests. They have moved with the times and decided that one way to bring more people to the church is to have a wider range of priests. A group called the 'Movement of the ordination of women' are in favour of women priests. ...read more.


People who go against what the Bible says can't be true Christians. This is what these people believe. After looking at all the different points of view and the evidence for them I think Christianity is neither sexist nor un-sexist because it depends on whose point of view you look at it from. I think the people who are for women priests have a better case and are working in the way God wanted them to. The people against women priests are really being selfish; they want to keep the church how it was but this means in going against the Bible and the word of God. I don't think you can categorise this, it just depends on the point of view you are looking at. Lindsay Glover 9Ba2 ...read more.

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