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islam part b

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Part B Explain the importance of Ramadan to Muslims and ways in which it may affect their lives? There are many reasons way Ramadan is important to Muslims but one of the main reason is that the holy Qur`an was ravelled in this blessed month also there are smaller reason why. As the holy book was reviled in this month so it is the best possible thing to do this month is recite the holy book. Also there a special prayer which is only preformed during this month this is read once daily throughout this month. "It is said that the prophet used to recite the hole of the Qur'an during this prayer" This is why mosque will finish the Qur'an in this month. The Lailat-ul-Qadr (night of power) is witness in this month, the night of power is a blessed night and Muslims will try to stay awake all night this night is equivalent to a thousand years ...read more.


So, on this night one should pray nafil namaz, recite the Quran, do Tasbih, Zikr, Duas, etc as much as possible By odd nights, the reference is made to the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 29th night of the month of Ramadan. No one night has been fixed so that the yearning to find it may increase and people may spend more nights in worshipping Allah This months effects the lives Muslims greatly it has spiritual and physical effects. The physical effects are that you would expect of fasting these are the thirst and hunger the dryness of the moth and the dehydration of the brain all of these you would think would lessen the capability of Muslims during this month but these effects are not important to Muslim during this month they are just boundary to the real meaning of Islam. ...read more.


This encourages Muslims to fast and worship because the devil is in chains and can not stop them from praying Some of the other spiritual effects are a sense of belonging this is because of the special prayer at the end of every day all the Muslims will attend the mosque and read this prayer as one body this is significant because Muslims believe that all Muslims are like one body. It will also strength faith in the religion and it will help Muslims feel closer to god. Muslims believe that in the month of Ramadan those acts that of receiving rewards will receive grater rewards and those of acts of sins will carry grater sin By sacrificing one pleaser during Ramadan it is said that god shall reward you with a lot of pleasures spiritual and physically as a reward of following the right path. ...read more.

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