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Life at the time Of Jesus.

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Life at the time Of Jesus Introduction Life in the time Jesus lived was very different to life today. In the first part of this essay I will tell you about the social life of Palestine and the political side of things and the daily routine of a family in early Palestine In the second part I will tell you about how life was different then and compare the two lifestyles. In the third part I will tell you about the time that I would prefer to live in and why it would suit me the best. Part I POLITICS AND RULERS: Palestine was in the Roman Empire alongside countries like Egypt, Libya, Gaul, Syria, Spain, Italy and many more. At the time of Jesus' birth the emperor was Augustus Caesar. Palestine had more privileges than most other countries; they were allowed their own king, Herod, because he was in the roman army his self when he was younger and they were aloud to follow their own religions. Herod had three sons Archelaus, Antipas and Phillip. When he died Palestine was divided up between his three sons, so: Archelaus became the governor of Idumea, Samaria and Judea. Antipas became governor of Galilee and Perea. ...read more.


Also her eyelids were penciled until they met and her eyelids were blacked. The grooms farther and her own parents would give the bride a dowery this was a pot of money. At a very important Jewish wedding the feast could last as long as seven days! DEATH: When a person died in Jesus' time their family would take off their nice clothes and replace them with rags they would also cover them selves with ashes as a sign of public mourning. Also the family would have to find the deceased best clothes to dress them in for the funeral. At the funeral if it were a rich person who had died they would be buried in their family cave, but if it were a poor person they would be thrown into a mass grave. One of these was Kindron Valley outside Jerusalem. Criminals could also be thrown into these mass graves. Old bones were kept in an Ossuary. After a death the burial would be approximately eight hours after. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: Punishment in them days was very harsh. For small crimes like taking the lords name in vain you would be flogged. Flogging is when a soldier whips the criminal with a whip made of leather with metal bits imbedded inside it. ...read more.


Part 3 I prefer the world I already live in, than in Jesus' time. I wouldn't have wanted to live then because the life was so different. There was little education and none for girls. I wouldn't have liked to have to stay in the house all day and would rather have a job. I prefer this life because there is more equality. We all have the same chance of education and work. I think people take the things we have for granted today, like Technology medical care, hospitals, and research. There was lots of illness and disease then and probably a lot more deaths. the mass graves they had may have spread the disease as well. I think that the age they had to get married was very young. If a woman wanted a divorce then she couldn't get one but now women can. I think this was unfair because they might not love the person they are married too. I think it was unfair to treat women as if they were unclean after birth and especially for longer if the baby was a girl. Also the punishments were a lot harder then and you may not have got the chance of a fair trail. Now people don't really punish you for taking the lords name in vain and parents punish their own children. It may have been nice to meet Jesus but I prefer my life now! By Cheryl Kelsall 8:29 8S ...read more.

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