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Marriage and the view of the Christian Church

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Nicholas Page GCSE Coursework Religious Education When on the subject on marriage, we all have mostly similar views although it varies between the divisions of the Christian faith. Christians believe that it is a gift from God and his intentions were for men and women to live together, support each other and to be faithful to each other and to help in partnership of the upbringing of children. We can support this with this extract from Mark 10:6-9. "But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. ...read more.


It is debatable whether prayer involved in a family brings them closer together. Prayer is not compulsory, but, in my opinion, builds a strong family relationship. It is a special time when the TV is off, computer games are off, all materialistic equipment are literally moved out the way. It is maybe the one chance in the day for the whole family to sit down and talk about their day without any interruptions. But as I said, it is not obligatory and some families thrive on love without prayer. "Families who stick together stay together". This is a powerful quote and is extremely true. Family life does not live merely on love, but on the power to join together through uneven times, e.g. ...read more.


Annulment is where the vows during marriage did not mean anything and so then the marriage is never considered to have taken place. A family life is considered as a proper upbringing for the children and the only place where we can actually have sex. But culture has got a large part to play in that, Society has changed so much, that it is known normal to have sex before marriage. This can cause people a lot of emotional pain because it is the greatest way in which two people can share their love. But as I said, it is very much abused nowadays. Causes of pregnancies without being married, "just a night out" can cause the biggest grief and makes it very hard to start another family. ...read more.

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