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My Role Model - Mahatma Gandhi.

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My Role Model I personally believe that a good role model should have certain qualities, and he should... * Have a good personality * Be humble * Be respectable * Be ambitious His proper name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi was born on October the 2nd, 1869. He was born in Porbandar, in the modern state of Gujarat in India. He had gone to London in 1888 to train as a lawyer. He qualified three years later and returned to India. His most important wish was to make India an independent country, free from the ruling of the British Empire. He succeeded in doing this in 1947. ...read more.


Upon returning to India, he set out to travel the entire country to familiarise himself with it. He then plunged into politics and became an unquestioned leader of the Indian nationalist movement. In 1919 he led a nationwide campaign of passive non-cooperation with the government of British India, including a boycott of British goods. This was when he was first imprisoned by the British in 1922 for two years. Gandhi had also fostered among his countrymen national self-respect and confidence in their ability to overthrow the British government. He had perfected the art of 'satyagraha' and developed what he called the 'new science of non-violence'. ...read more.


His intellectual influence on his countrymen was considerable. Some were attracted by his emphasis on political and economic decentralization; others by his insistence on individual freedom, moral integrity and non-violence. Gandhi's influence was profound in and outside India. I have chosen him as my role model because I feel that he was an extremely ambitious man who had decided to help many people to escape the clutches of the British, at his own free will. He had a great personality as he was a friendly person and was easy to converse with. Instead of relying on violence to support his country, he developed a means of non-violence which had increased his support by his countrymen. He inspired me by using non-violence to resolve conflicts and his longing to free his country. Thank You ...read more.

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