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Persuasive Writing - Capital Punishment.

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Persuasive Writing Capital Punishment I believe that capital punishment is wrong, and there should be no place for it in a "civilised" society. If we are to call ourselves civilised then how can we execute people in such an inhumane way? Therefore in my opinion as long as we uphold capital punishment then we cannot consider ourselves civil. Some may argue that capital punishment is vital when someone threatens the basis of a moral community. They feel that if someone commits a vicious crime, by taking someone's life, their own rights for life should be taken from them. However my counter argument to theirs is based on forgiveness to the extent where the criminals instead of being killed are imprisoned for a period of time so that they still get another chance of living a normal life, at the same time as protecting the innocent public from further attacks. This is not my only reason for being against capital punishment there is also the important issue of convicting and killing an innocent person, that did not commit the vicious crime of taking someone's life and breaking the morals of the community. ...read more.


Surely they have committed the same crime that brought them to court in the first place, and therefore surely they should face the same sentence of imprisonment? This leads me onto my next point about mentally handicapped people who have committed murder and then are facing the death penalty. This is clearly outrageous, as these people cannot be held responsible for their actions. An example of someone that was executed due to murder is Morris who was executed on June 25, 1985. He had a lifelong history of paranoid schizophrenia and a mental age of 8. Now if you do not think that this is inhumane to sentence this person to death then you have no heart. Britain used to execute people, but in 1971 we came to our senses, at last, and capital punishment was abolished. Other countries in Europe that have also abolished capital punishment are Spain which did so in the 1970's and France finally in 1981. Another promising sign towards the total abolition of capital punishment is that to be part of the European Union, you cannot take part in capital punishment. ...read more.


A country with no excuse is the USA. It is not communist, dictator, or religiously based, in fact the country is considered the most democratic in the world. The USA likes to consider themselves leaders in the human right issues, but how can they when they still have capital punishment, where the amount of death sentences have been on the increase since 1990? To conclude, I find capital punishment distressing and I believe that it should be abolished from the face of the earth, even though I know this is not likely to happen. Everyone makes some mistake during their lifetime, but we normally learn from them, and therefore never make the same mistakes again, or even try not to make the same mistakes again. I feel that the murderers should be given the same opportunity to learn from their mistakes, which they cannot do being dead. Therefore the issue of capital punishment is an important one, and I hope that one day not so far in the future people will wake up and realise the mistake they have made with capital punishment. ...read more.

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