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Pete Hamill's novel, Snow in August.

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September 26, 2000 English "Snow in August" Pete Hamill's novel, Snow in August, was a story which I believe most, if not all, readers can relate to. That is one characteristic that made the novel interesting to read. The story begins with an eleven-year-old Irish Catholic boy named Michael Devlin reading his Captain Marvel comic books, which reminded me of myself when I was a younger boy reading X-Men before falling asleep in bed. It was easy for me to relate to Michael because he had lost his father and only had his mother to raise him. One Saturday morning, Michael was on his way to an early mass at Sacred Heart, where he served as an altar boy, and he heart someone calling for help. ...read more.


This made me feel great sorrow for Michael and the Rabbi. But made me see that soon they would be feeding off each other. Judah will feed off Michael's young energized spirit, and Michael would learn and gain wisdom from Judah. One day Michael and his friends were getting candy at a store when Frankie McCarthy the leader of the local gang, the Falcons, enters and beats an elderly Jewish storeowner nearly to death only for a pack of cigarettes. When Frankie was walking out of the store he tells Michael, "You didn't see anything kid." Afraid that Frankie would do something to him, he does not say anything about what happened that day, not to anyone. ...read more.


Towards the end of the book, there was somewhat of a surprise twist to the story. Michael actually uses the ancient secrets of the Kabbalah against Frankie and at the end makes Frankie pay for all his wrong doings by getting him trapped in the blizzard and begs for his life. This book showed me that even at the worst of times people can come together and stand up for what is right, and that the power of only a few can be stronger than that of a great multitude. Pete Hamill kept me latched onto the story because Michael was so easy to relate to. As a boy I looked up to my Pastor from church and spent much of my free time with him. ...read more.

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