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Philadelphia is the story of a man's struggle against discrimination and homophobia

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Philadelphia is the story of a man's struggle against discrimination and homophobia. Initially, Joe, a desperate and extremely homophobic civil Lawyer with and severe fear of aids, refuses to take Andy, an unfairly dismissed lawyers, case of dismissal because Andy has aids. Once physical signs of Andy's aids appeared ironically the firm Andy worked for claimed his work to be slipping and after recently promoting him Andy was dismissed, Although at first Joe was resistant to take the case it gave his character and opportunity to grow and change his views and perspectives on the AIDS virus. Denzel Washington plays the everyman, the onscreen representaion of those who harbour homophobic tendencies. ...read more.


the librarian states to Andy "we do have private research rooms" "wouldn't you be more comfortable in a Research room" Andy's reply expresses his hurt "No, would it make you more comfortable" . The librarian's intentions were completely self-interested as he was not concerned for the health and well being of Andy but for his own comfort Joe had witnessed the act of intolerance relating it to the discrimination of black people in society. Through this Joe's most intense realisation begins and opportunity to grow and change is established the central characters role is to challenge the institution were they discuss what the case is really about "the general publics hatred their loathing their fear of homosexual. ...read more.


Two lawyers on opposite sides. Then Andy drops his bombshell and Joe moves to the other side of the room. Camera angles move to a distant downward shot upon them emphasising the space between them. As the film progresses the space of fear, discomfort and judgment begins to reduce, as they gradually grow closer. Sitting across a table at the library then side by side in court. Finally, as miller passes the moment of conscience, he drops all barriers by lifting an oxygen mask to Andrews face, momentarily touching flesh to flesh. The film Philadelphia is a remarkable expression of honesty and openness. The story is timely and powerful and the performances by hanks and Washington assure that the characters will not immediately vanish into obscurity. As long as people remember, there's a chance they can change. ...read more.

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