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Poverty And Wealth.

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1 Christians believe that wealth is something that can be for good or for evil. Which does not mean that wealth is a bad thing. Christians can only gain wealth, if it is in a lawful and moral way. Money does not actually belong to a person; it is considered a gift from God. " True happiness is not found in riches or well-being, In human fame or power, or in any human achievement" CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Many Bible teachings say that wealth can lead you away from God, when you have the wrong attitude to money. Jesus told a parable about the end of the world, when everyone would come before him and they would be judged. He said that people would be separated into good and bad. Jesus said that the good would go to heaven. Jesus said 'When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was thirsty, you gave me drink. When I was naked, you gave me clothes. When I was sick or in prison, you visited me.' The bad people were going to be sent to hell. This is because they never helped anyone in need. When they asked Jesus when the had not done this, Jesus told them 'When you did not do it for other people, you did no do it for me' So in order to ...read more.


Natural disasters There are many LDCs that are situated in areas that are frequently hit by natural disasters. The peoples land, or their homes can be destroyed with a large flood or an earthquake. The people depend on their land to earn any money, or grow food for their family. If enough rain does not fall, the crops will not grow, unless the people have enough money to sink a well, install pumps, or organise an irrigation system. So why do we need world development? All around the world, there are millions of people living in poverty. Many people do not have any shelter, or any food to eat. We need world development so that we can stop this. The First World countries, need to help the less developed countries, by giving them supplies so that they can survive themselves. After wars hit an less developed country, if we do not help them rebuild themselves t the state they were before the war, that country will never develop back to the state it was before the war. This is why we need world development. A) 3. Christian Aid began as the British Churches Ecumenical Refugee Council, which was set up in 1944 to help many thousands or Europeans, who were made homeless from World War 2. ...read more.


That is not right, even if the person is living in poverty. They should try and do something about it. If the rich Christians give some of their wealth to people in poverty all of the time, the poorer people are never going to learn how to earn money for themselves. They would just get their money of someone more fortunate than them. This means that they would never actually come out of poverty. Many of the people that live in poverty, live in poverty due to their own lack of effort. No one should have to support them if they are lazy to try and get a job, and earn some money for themselves. There are not very many Muslims who actually agree with this. Many of them want to do whatever Allah says, and do not want to go against their religion. So they always give money to the poor. There are also a large number of rich Christians, who don't give money straight to the poor, but do use their wealth for good purposes. Sir John Templeton started up the Templeton Prize in 1972, to be awarded for progress in religion. Sir john also gives money to support projects around the world that further our understanding of spirituality. Sir John Templeton combines his business interests with the Christian faith. He shows that, just because he is very wealthy, but he does not have to give his money away, to help other people. ...read more.

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