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Do Jesus's Teachings on Poverty Apply Today? In this essay I am going to discuss if Jesus's teachings about poverty are relevant today. Giving the argument for then against and then finally a conclusion. But firstly what are Jesus's teachings about poverty in the Bible it says 'You cannot serve both God and money' There are many arguments that Jesus's teaching can be withheld today. Many priests agree with Jesus's teachings. Firstly, Christianity according to Jesus should be a pure, simple religion and therefore you don't need lots of money or wealth to live this life. Some Christians also say that once you have money you want to make more and more, while risking your happiness. ...read more.


The poor man is always cheerful and always leaves the door open to let the breeze in. However, the rich man was very secluded, had 12 locks on his door and slept with his money. One day the rich man got robbed and he was very angry. The next night an angel came in his dreams and told him to try not to make any more money and pray to Jesus to be forgiven his sins. Another more modern example is the burning down of the house of the millionaire 'Chris Foster' who was debt ridden and was so angry that that he had had killed himself and his family. ...read more.


One of the main arguments these Christians put forward is: 'Jesus teachings also tell us to help the poor, but if we are struggling to keep are family safe and healthy, how can we look after the wellbeing of others?' Many Christians have taken the Bible's teaching's onboard and used some of their wealth to help tackle poverty, for example Bill Gates, Bob Geldof and may others who are known as anthropologists. Overall, I feel that if you do happen to be rich and you give to charities and do lots of aid work, then I think it acceptable. However I totally agree that if you have a lot of money but you don't use it to good effect, then there is no point in being rich. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kiran Modi 8B ...read more.

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