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Prayer is a way of communicating with God and opening your mind to enable God to speak; it is a two-way experience.

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A01 Prayer is a way of communicating with God and opening your mind to enable God to speak; it is a two-way experience. It requires a response, which may be recognised in many ways such as impossible things happening, unanswered mysteries and through events in life prayer is answered. An example of this was with Bernadette when she saw Our Lady at Lourdes in 1858 and was told to dig nearby and she would find a stream, now it is a mystery whether it is true or not but the visions was declared Authentic by the pope. All prayers are heard but may not all be answered in the way we would like, praying can be aloud, silent or thinking and words are not always necessary. Christians use many types of prayer there are 5 of them. For example petition, this is a prayer for one's own needs. Adoration is praising and honouring God, and thanks giving is thanking God for everything he has given them. ...read more.


Prayer is a two-way experience between God and another person who is praying, just as an everyday conversation. When asking a question it may not be answered but it will always be heard, a response to a question may not be obvious but you will get a response it could be answered in many ways such as unanswered mysteries, miracles or what you've asked for could be done. Some people don't realise their prayer has been heard. Prayer can be answered through events in your life. When Christians pray they realise that they must take an active part in what it is that they are praying for. The person in prayer must also be involved and perform things, God can only guide you but you have to act upon this and you must be committed and dedicated to God as in following his path and have faith in him. Basically you cannot just pray for something and get it without doing anything, for example you pray for peace and you have to work for it you don't just get it. ...read more.


When a person is forced to pray this can put them off prayer, mostly because they can't be bothered and they want to chat to their friends and do something else. However, I think that people might disagree with this because they believe that God is everywhere and can hear you whenever and wherever they are. Some people think that praying at the start of a day helps them gain strength to get through the day. Jesus said 'ask and you will receive'. Some people find it a calm atmosphere in assembly and think it is good to pray in because it is nearly as calm as a church. I would agree for the following reasons. I think most people just get bored of praying in the same way all the time and just don't like it anymore because they are forced to pray when they don't want to which also puts them off prayer. I would disagree for the following reasons because it think prayer can be answered no matter where you are and I think it normally helps you to concentrate more throughout the day. Yr 10 Coursework for AQA piece 1 Antonio Carchedi 10 Sherwin ...read more.

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