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Prejudice and descrimination

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19/09/06 Prejudice and Discrimination Coursework: Skill AO2 - Lifestyles Prejudice occurs when you think badly about others just because of their looks, race, religion, gender or disabilities without actually getting to know them. This is almost natural as we've all at some point in our lives displayed this type of attitude towards certain groups of people, but if you take your beliefs too far, it will lead to Discrimination. Discrimination is when one group is treated differently because of prejudice, causing them to suffer. Normally, this results in the destruction of property, violence and even murder. In this article I will be explain what we, as Christians, can do to prevent it. ...read more.


When you have dealt with your own prejudice, encourage others to do the same. Christians can pray. Praying can help raise awareness in your home, school, church, workplace etc - you can hold a prayer vigil for racial, sexual and religious injustices. If you can, get permission to hold a prayer group in at the workplace or in school and try to influence others to prevent prejudice. Get involved in the CARJ (the Catholic Association for Racial Justice) - which exists to support, encourage and apply race awareness and education in accordance to the teachings of Christ. Join CARJ and be a voice for racial injustice. SPEAK OUT! ...read more.


It would help the children mix and befriend others from different backgrounds while doing fun, social, and religious team-working activities. We can try to end prejudice and discrimination in our communities by encouraging our schools and churches to embrace other cultures and religions. This could be by organising trips to other places of worship (e.g. synagogue), learning about their different cultures, traditions and opening up the doors of our churches so they can visit, observe and learn about our faith. The Christian way of life leads us to try and end prejudice in our community, we have a moral duty to do this. Some Christians on the other hand don't want to - they're content with how things are and won't lift a finger to help. This is unacceptable, we all should do something, however big or small, to make our world a safer place. ...read more.

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