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R E revision notes Mark's gospel is about good news. The good news is about Jesus. Jesus is the Christ, the promised messiah

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* Christ is Greek for Messiah. * Gospel means good news. * Mark's gospel is about good news. * The good news is about Jesus. * Jesus is the Christ, the promised messiah. * Jesus is the Son of God. * He wrote to tell us: what Jesus said and did, who Jesus was and the impact Jesus made on the people. * He wrote it because people all across the world needed to know more about Jesus and Jesus original followers were dying out. He needed to record what he did for future generations. * Mark wrote the gospel in Greek but used some Aramaic quotes e.g. eloi eloi lama sabachthani. * These Aramaic quotes indicate marks gospels authority because he had to get the information from an eyewitness. * Conservatives: they believe that the bible is inspired but not scientific. * Fundamentalists: they believe that the bible is inspired completely by God and can't contain error. * Liberals: believe writers inspired by God but human mistakes made. * Literalists: fundamentalists who take exact literal interpretation. * Gospels are precious to Christians. * Christians believe the bible is relevant even today. * Jews believe that their God is the one true God. ...read more.


he got up rebuked the wind and said to the sea, "Be still! Quiet!" Then the wind died down. He then said to them, "Do you have no faith? Why are you so afraid?" they were very afraid and they thought to themselves who is he, even the seas obey him! * The name Jesus means Saviour. * Jesus used his powers to save e.g. paralyzed man * Christians believe that Jesus saved us from sin and death and hell. * Christians believe that Jesus was the messiah. * Bartimaeus called Jesus son of David because he had faith in him. * By his entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey this showed he was a messiah. * Son of David - Entry into Jerusalem: As they approached and came to Bethpage Jesus sent two disciples ahead to Jerusalem and said to them, "Go in to the town and you will find a colt tied there and bring it to me and if anyone asks why say that the lords needs it and will come shortly." They went and go it and when they brought it back to Jesus they threw their cloaks over it and he sat on it. ...read more.


When they were on their way they asked each other, "Who will roll the stone away from the tomb?" but when they go there it was rolled away. As they entered the tomb they saw a young man dressed in white sitting on the right side. They were alarmed. "Don't be alarmed," he said, "You are looking for the Jesus of Nazarene who was crucified! He has risen! He is not here. Tell the disciples that he is going ahead to Galilee and he will see him there." They women fled and told no one because they were afraid. * It was an angel who told them about Jesus resurrection and where he was going and the angel told them what to do but they didn't do it. SUMMARY 1. Son of God: Transfiguration and trial before Sanhedrin 2. Son of Man: The Paralyzed Man 3. Jesus, Saviour: Calming of the storm 4. Christ, Messiah and Son of David: Entry into Jerusalem Death - Trial before Sanhedrin and Pilate, mocking by soldiers, Golgotha, Jesus is Crucified, Eloi Eloi lama Sacbachtahia, and the death. Resurrection - Empty tomb (Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James.) Conservatives Fundamentalists Liberals Literalists = CFLL Gospel = Good News ?? ?? ?? ?? Kevin Gallagher 11A R.E Revision 2005-12-16 ...read more.

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